It had been with great anticipation and excitement that I looked forward to this show with ‘The Masseuse’ (TM) the other evening.

Now, I have been a fan of Olivia’s way back when she did mostly country music and TM who it turns out is the same fabulous age as me, (Gee, he must come from the year of the cat too)!

So, by now I’ve moved into my swanky new apartment in Haymarket which is my base for entertaining and the home of sensual experiences. I very much enjoy the company of TM so I’d been shopping for some sexy lingerie earlier to model for him later on in the evening.

I was the designated traffic monitor for the evening and we caught the bus for the short trip down to Circular Quay. It was a steamy rainy evening so I grabbed my accomplices hand and we braved the elements, ok so I’m a romantic at heart.

We made our way through the crowds (it was a humid night) and the rain at Circular Quay and on to an early dinner at The East. It was a good thing we arrived early too as we got the best table for comfort AND people watching. We knocked back a couple of drinks, a Blue Hawaii for me and a Bourbon for TM and some fantastically delicious Chinese food and chatted away. The pre-show crowds started to arrive and pack out the restaurant so we took our cue and left for a bit of a wander around the Opera House.

Looking around, it turned out it was quite a dressy affair and I was pleased I got a new frock for the occasion to go with the new sexy smalls and TM looked pretty sharp as usual.

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It is quite a curious arrangement they have organised at the Opera House with the entry though. So, they don’t allow the audience in until the show time, presumably to sell drinks, programs, t-shirts and Cd’s. As a result the crowds mount up and up and then there is this rather wretched and extremely unmusical ;-0 xylophone that warns you it’s time to enter, pretty quickly the xylophone gains pace and becomes almost this mono-tonal xylophone and all the while the frustrated mounted up crowds are trying to enter the auditorium (and get away from the dreadful din).

Anyway, we found our seats next to some Americans and we took a few pictures. Unfortunately they ask you not to photograph or video the performance at the Opera House so I obliged and don’t have so many to show you this time. The pre-show act had a stellar operatic voice and which really showcased the SSO and the Opera House.

And then it was time for Olivia, who was in fantastic form singing like an angel hit after hit of her magnificently successful career. There was A Little More Love, Magic, Xanadu, Suddenly, Summer Nights, You Are The One That I Want, Hopelessly Devoted To You. Sam, Jolene, Banks Of The Old Ohio, Please Mr Please, Have You Never Been Mellow, I Honestly Love You, If You Love Me (let me know), If Not For You, Let Me Be There.

What a voice! I loved every minute of it!

It was time to go and I am pretty sure I spotted Richard Wilkens again in the crush to leave. By now it was cold and raining outside and TM and I hurried home and quickly peeled off our wet clothes and I reckon we did a pretty awesome rendition of “physical” ourselves …lets get animal, animal…