This year I have had the great fortune to work with the fabulous Sydney art photographer Kira.

Kira is an extraordinary talent and produces some of the most imaginative and beautiful photography I have ever seen, check out her work here. Kira manages to capture the soul of her photographic subjects and is seemingly able to work seamlessly with a wide range of subjects and themes.

The very first time I worked with Kira this year I was well impressed. What I wanted was elegant, stylish, classic boudoir photography that captured emotion and humanity and that is exactly what I got. Probably not for everyone, I do feel there is now an oversupply of the very explicit.

Maybe I have a different handle on it all but this GFE escort wanted to do something from another time.

Gee, did I have fun shopping for it! Everything from high end English lingerie, Australian lingerie, reproduction flapper dress from Gatsby Lady, reproduction 1920 shoes from vintage shops to stuff purchased on Amazon. At any rate we tried to try recreate something of the 1920s check out the effort here in my new web gallery.