Just like any other relationship the right sex worker for one person, is not always the right sex worker for another. One thing you should not compromise on is that your escort should have all the qualities you need. In my experience the client usually knows the right escort when they meet them (just like when you find the right partner in life) and is going to be comfortable to go ahead with a booking. I have an affinity with my clients, they should feel comfortable, and feel that I understand what they want. You need to feel very confident that your escort will do the best job and you need to feel safe in their hands. Once you have that feeling, you will know you are in the right place with the right escort giving you the best possible experience, hopefully me. Whether it be a massage, blow job, a full sexual experience or even company, it has to feel right.

This was a pretty good party!

The party theme was from the Australian TV series Underbelly Razor.  Underbelly Razor depicted the real events of the the two rivalved vice queens (Tilly Devine a former prostitute  turned Madame coordinating Sydney’s Sex Trade and Kate Leigh a bootlegging honcho) and Sydney’s underbelly razor gangs. You can read more about it here at Wiki 🙂 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underbelly:_Razor 

When Mr Useful told me about the party and that it was going to have a huge budget and the concept was going to be the “Underbelly” theme, well, I was pretty excited to go.  Afterall, as I’ve said before, I am a tad shallow and it was never going to be a huge stretch to dress up as a 1920s hooker, heh. Unfortunately, due to a family illness, I had only a few days to prepare for this one. It also clashed with a similar event in Sydney the Gangsters and Moles Ball so by the time I hit the costume hire shops they range of 1920s style clothing was pretty picked over.  Boo!  Anyway, there was still some stuff left and the helpful girl at ACE costume hire in Petersham assisted in coordinating a suitable outfit.  She explained to me my outfit was going to be more flapper than “Underbelly” call girl because the silks and fabrics of the era do not work well in a hire costume environment, they come back a bit wrecked looking and also that the TV show would have had a pretty good costume budget, not something most people are generally bothered investing in for a one night party. 
She also recommended thinking of a name for the character that you become. Naming a 1920s Ho alter-ego was always going to be fun.

Saturday night arrived and my character “Scarlett Love” was created. Mr Useful arrived to pick me up, he was looking pretty sharp dressed as a gangster/ hustler type crook and we met some of his friends for pre-party drinks and to share a taxi down to the Locomotive Workshop, Exhibition Centre at Eveleigh.  It was cool meeting Mr Us friends at their hotel all dressed up in 1920s costume, we all got a few sly glances from the more modernly attired guests.  I think we all enjoyed the attention.

Arriving at the party itself was a buzzy affair. Everyone had made an effort to dress up and the company had (given the party was held at the Locomotive workshop) organised props like 1920s cars that you could go and sit in and take photos etc. Drinks were flowing and everyone was chatting and getting happy, that was the cue for a 1920s policeman to enforce prohibition and we were all moved off to jail which doubled as the dining, dance and speeches area.

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By now I was enjoying myself very much. I was talking to Mr U, Mr Us friends and the lady seated next to me who worked in a high level position in Health. an extravagent three course dinner was served, there were speeches and entertainment by the 12 piece ‘Big Ol’ Bus Band’  and the “Darling Diamond Dolls Show”.

The fund raising part of the evening was for the E.J.Whitten Foundation who do a stellar job raising money for prostrate cancer which it seems unfortunately has over taken breast cancer in recent times in fatalities because men do not like to go to the doctor. So if you are reading this and you are male and over 40 or have any history of prostrate cancer in your family, please think about getting checked soon, it’s important. The lady sitting next to me who worked in health backed up the statistics with impressive factual knowledge and also mentioned that brain cancer is another one coming through because of people talking on mobile phones.

After the sexy floor show by the “Darling Diamond Dolls” I was feeling pretty frisky, and I encouraged Mr Useful up for a couple of dances before suggesting we slink off to try out “Scarlett Loves” skill set. Mr U had taken advantage of the companys hotel arrangement and we made our way back to the Mercure for a fun night of “underbelly” inspired passion. 

Ah, I had an excellent time, what a great night!


It’s winter time and a wonderful season to spend time warming up.

Thrilled to announce
I am visiting the beautiful city of
23 – July – 27 July

Booking is easy: just drop me a line at karenofsydney@gmail.com or SMS 043 171 4069

It was a pretty happy adventure when ‘The Masseuse’ (TM) suggested that we take in the Jersey Boys show last weekend. The idea was that we go to the show before we head out for a meal and spend overnight together for the second time in a month. TM seemed perhaps a little shy to suggest going to the show because it has been playing for a while and thought I might have seen it already. He was right, I saw the show early last year when it first opened in Melbourne but I was very keen to see it again and I am so happy he made the suggestion. I suppose, Frankie Valli first appeared on my (oh my gosh i’m a fan –OMGIAF) radar when he had a few hits in the movie soundtrack “Grease”, I LOVE that movie –I must have seen it about 10,000 times!

There were a combination of factors why I wanted to see this show again, the main purpose of my trip to Melbourne was to meet some (working) ladies that I had come to know online. The ladies had organised a luncheon get together and I was so very excited to meet them, really great people — all of them. Unfortunately it must have been the hottest day in Victoria ever and the location for lunch was way, way, across town. Factor in flights, hotel check-ins and taxis including trying to find a taxi back to the Melbourne CBD, well seeing the Jersey Boys show kind of got a bit buried under conflicting priorities, I’m sorry to say.

As TM had arranged the tickets to the show, we decided that it would be a good idea if I upgrade our digs to an executive suite with club floor access so we would both feel all the benefits of being pampered and indulged. We arranged to meet a little earlier than normal so we could have showers and change before heading off to the Theatre Royal. TM had arranged great seats and we beat all the mad crowds in which was great, he did a terrific job of navigating us to the venue only a short walk from where we were staying. I’m glad he did as I’ve come to recognize, sadly that my navigational abilities are as good as my singing *jawdrop *sigh.

The actual Jersey Boys set is this caged, grid metal affair with a urban backdrop, it seemed to be a pretty good visual representation of a struggling New Jersey working class lifestyle wanting to breakout into something better.

We were guided through an introduction to the characters, their strengths and weaknesses and the formation of the band the Four Seasons. The great thing about this musical is the storyline is as strong as the songs. The string of hits is impressive, one after another like ‘Sherry’, ‘Walk Like a Man’, ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, ‘Ragdoll’, ‘Who Loves You’, ‘Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)’, ‘Let’s Hang On’, ‘Can’t Take My eyes Off You’, ‘My Eyes Adored You’ etc, etc. TM and I agreed the show, acting and songs delivery were really tight, probably as a result of delivering to a different audience night after night. I do think this was a better show than the one I saw in the early season in Melbourne. A nice touch at the end of the show the actors and singers fall away and only the band is left. It’s a really, really great band, I liked the horn section best. Ha!

TM and I wrapped up a terrific evening with dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Liverpool St, with TM in great spirits because his Rugby League team Manly Warringah had won the Grand Final and we celebrated with several courses of wonderful dessert in our swanky hotel room.

Oh what a night!

My Baby moves at midnight
Goes right on to the dawn
My woman takes me higher
My woman keeps me warm

You Should Be Dancing, Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack.
Songwriters: Gibb, Maurice;Gibb, Barry;Gibb, Robin; Gibb

I had a feeling this was not going to be an ordinary Saturday night. My overnight project included a stay at a very special hotel suite on the club floor, a lovely meal at
in Woolloomooloo, drinks at the hotel bar and then an overnight experience back at the penthouse.

I probably should start by saying that my new friend Mr Entertainment Industry Insider is a touch younger than me. He was quite forward about his preference in wanting to taste all the delights that a mare offers (yes that’s me).
To be honest I was quite hesitant and am not known for seeing a younger clientele but after some emailing back and forward, I was swayed by his easy charm and mature nature.

True to his word, we met at his love suite and after some get to know you time and a few drinks the night kicked off to a great start. We headed off to his choice of restaurant and while I hadn’t been to Otto’s before, I knew this particular area hosts some restaurants that specialise in fine dining. Otto’s came with a wonderful reputation and so I was looking forward to a fine time. We easily settled into our seats joining the the well heeled Lower North Shore and Eastern suburbs crowd. I did my usual sticky beak trick of scanning the group for someone famous (this will be no surprise to regular readers of the blog –like some 80% of the population, hell, honest enough to admit I’m shallow).

No expense was spared and Mr E.I.I. was a terrific host.

Otto’s has an extensive Italian menu and awesome wine list so with the combination of food wine (no, no song) and engaging conversation we headed back for what was to be a memorable night.

I have to say my new friend was quite the energetic type but of course, I have some sensational moves of my own.
Lets just say satisfaction was written all over his face the next morning. I’m not sure what happened over the next 24 hours but Mr.E.I.I. and I got together again a couple of days later so I must done something right. Perhaps I pressed the right buttons on the repeat function, what do you think? We had another fun Saturday night the next weekend at a special table at
and an even better hotel suite, so the whole experience even topped the first one.

I have to thank all the lovely people that were involved in this great project and especially the head of production for putting together quite a storyline and a first rate cast.

You gotta love show business. Ha!

If you’ve never been to a VIP party before, let me just say it’s got to be one of the top experiences ever!

And so it was that I found myself invited to the WWE Smackdown pre-party function last weekend at the Acer Arena.

After the VIP party, the event followed – naturally with premium seat allocations- thank you very much

Not knowing too much about the wonderful world of wrestling beside the “Half Nelson Hold” (which I sometimes try to incorporate into my evening activities) – I was keen and eager to learn. Thankfully Mr Useful was on hand to explain who was who (as many of the guests knew the wrestlers by name) and if they were good or bad guys.

This red carpet affair was decorated by some of the colourful characters from the smack-down contingent of the WWE. It was pretty exciting because we were going to see them in live action later on. There was an opportunity for autographs and photos that was really well received by the 150 strong crowd – especially the kids.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the eye candy (man, those wrestlers are fit) and the free drinks, nibbles and show bags which added to the atmosphere of the evening.

When the party finished, we headed to our VIP premium seats that placed us in the perfect position to view the ring. I checked out the other seats around us and noticed a few celebrities – hell, I’m shallow – even that within itself was pretty cool!

Now what took place next was super exciting – how can I describe it to give it the energy it warrants?

The music, lights, pyrotechnics and drama is simply an event within itself.

Acer Arena 31/7The “larger than life” characters (pardon the pun) are engaging as is the support from the crowd, who loved what they saw. I can safely say before this experience, I wasn’t a big fan but I can now appreciate what the fans see in this gladiatorial event. The fitness and unbelievable moves of the athletes fire up your imagination and while you might think this is a different kind of entertainment, you have to see it to believe it.

As with anything, all good things must come to an end.

So with the glitz, glamour and excitement over I accompanied my client back to his five star stadium and hopped into the ring for several rounds of championship wrestling of our own.

Promotional video 2009

disco2It’s been a few years since the last Hookers and Stripper ball was held in Sydney.

When the ball was announced and it was to be a fancy dress event, with a DJ and live performances from various talented people and held just down the road from KTE, well nothing was going to stop me from going. Nonetheless it was always going to be a bit of a challenge, getting organised and getting there – there was not a lot of lead time from the ball being publicly promoted and held. Additionally I have been really busy lately, juggling my two enterprises, family and an active social life. The timing was also punishing, being held just the day after all the festivities of the Melbourne Cup but still a great turn up of around 100 people showed their fabulous selves.

Fancy dress parties always have huge appeal, they are especially fun when met by an adult audience.

morticiaWith it being Halloween just last week, the theme was spooky and it was announced there would be a prize for the best dressed. My competitive side was engaged immediately at such frolics. With a view to win, I dragged a supporter, Mr Fun off to ACE costume hire. With a bit of help from the staff we decided to dress up as a vampire and vampiress. I got to be a sexy and not evil looking vampiress. My hair was a giant boufant blonde beehive so I looked like Dusty Springfield in drag. For an extra edge, I employed the services of a professional makeup artist who reworked our faces into spooky fantasy characters. My makeup was an exaggerated smokey eye with enormous eyelashes, shaped cheekbones and a nude mouth. Very sixties. Mr Fun was made up into an evil vampire with a pale face base with exaggerated bat-wing eyes and a half mouth of blood red lipstick representing remnants of his last meal. We both looked the part and I was satisfied with the effort.

The venue was decked out appropriately to the theme (including shorts of horror movies from the 50’s and 60’s) and the DJ played a well constructed set for the audience and the evening. The event organisers and performers were friendly and we knew we were in for a great night.

inline-madame-lashThe first performance of the evening was by Madame Lash www.madamelash.com.au who basically gave us a lowdown of her head spinningly full and colourful life. She is described by notable persons as a living treasure, I’d go along with that. Madame Lash had us all captivated from her first word to her last, from her early experiences as an art model, then Kings Cross Stripper, career stripper, going into politics, the parties she holds, her painting and creative pursuits. I was completely enraptured – could have listened all evening. It was a real honour to meet M.L. later, this beautiful woman is just amazing.

The other entertainment of the evening were terrific too. Highlights for me were the performer with the hoola hoop, very rhythmic and amazing body control, Vashneys’ creative spoof on the German authoritarian woman and Skyes’ performance.
Sadly for myself and perhaps Mr Fun, we didn’t win best costume, that pleasure was bestowed on a sequined body-suited leather-man.
Ah well, there’s always next year.

All too soon the performances were over and we were dancing. There were some wonderful women on the dance floor, and also a very hot young male worker in budgie smugglers with some kind of adornment hanging off them (I didn’t like to stare), who was also a terrific mover. Now, regular readers of the blog will know that I really do prefer more mature men but I certainly enjoyed dancing with this young hottie, given the occasion.

The evening was winding up but a random after party was announced at the Sly Fox. A hardcore of H and S ball revelers relaunched their eye-catching selves at the Enmore venue. I joined in till 2am but unfortunately I had to get up for an appointment a scant few hours later so very reluctantly tore myself away, having had a great time.

Can’t wait till the next ball!

There’s something special about a night out at a great game. I had an opportunity to go to the rugby last week and check out the Wallabies taking on the might of the New Zealand All blacks at the Bledislow Cup.

If you are going to a major sporting event in Sydney, let me start by making this helpful suggestion, it’s an excellent  idea to pre-book your parking or get there very very early. Just my luck this event was very popular and little did I know the 80,000 plus crowd were all heading for ANZ stadium, just like me and my sports minded client, bah! 😦

When you have made a decision to brave the crowds to see a competitive event, you might as well see it courtesy of a corporate box.  This being my first live sporting adventure in quite some time, I grabbed the opportunity to accompany my associate (Mr Communication)  for a total experience. The idea was we would enjoy all the luxuries that a box offers and end the evening in a bit of our own live action.  These activities were to be better placed in the privacy of the five star Hotel Suite that awaited us post match.

With all the dramas of finding parking (which by the way was a fair distance from the venue), luckily we were ushered into an awaiting shuttle bus.  Our comrades were a herd of green and gold cattle and we all sped along at a fast pace and found ourselves delivered at the doorstep of the ANZ Stadium.

Trying to find the correct gate for entry proved especially testing. Mr Communication grumbled that the alphabet could not have been my strong point at school.  Unfortunatly, I had recommended that we take the particular route that ensured we ended up going around the longest and most incorrect way to our entrance.

Anyway, after a hike that would have challenged Sir Edmond Hillary, we finally reached our designated gate.  As you can imagine we were thrilled to find our seats and looked forward to celebrating a major event.

Mr Communication was the host of the box so I had to be on my best behavior and that can be quite difficult as I can be quietly cheeky. Unfortunately, our guests were running very late so one glass of wine became another and on an empty stomach I realised I was feeling the effects of a good night far too early.  It was a good move to get the entrée rolling .  First off there was confit of ocean trout with a fennel salad and chicken and cucumber fingers with chive mayo.   The guests begin to arrive and I was warming up and feeling excited with the game about to start.

Everyone stood up and sang the national anthems which really got the crowd buzzing and the game commenced.

About the same time as the game starting, the  main course arrived.  This was a generous serve of Beef Stroganoff and rice with an accompanying Italian roll and butter.  By now our guests were very thirsty and the drinks were flowing at a vigorous pace. I had to keep up with all the guests requests as well as making sure Mr Communication was well taken care of, no complaints from him.

89999921_10_(Large)_thumbnail_imageThis was like a Gladiator event with the two bouncing off each other and the physical interaction between the players made for spectacular viewing. Now, I’m not a rugby expert and I did pick  up that the game was very stop/start and that this made it a little annoying at stages. Our box was really going off with all screaming for the Wallabies except for one brave sole that decided the origin of her birth made it mandatory she interact with and support the All Blacks.

The food just kept coming, desert was a hamper with passion fruit cake, vintage cheese, Charleston Brie with lavosh,  mixed nuts and preserved fruits. The coffee followed with a yard of chocolates as an accompaniment.

Thankfully the food was good as the game finished with the Wallabies losing by a miserable point. The group I was with was not happy so we drowned our sorrows with more beverages.  Right on cue supper followed and you guessed it MORE FOOD!  Amazingly most of our group were able to tackle the pepper steak pies, chicken and lemongrass wonton and mini pizzas with pumpkin, fetta and rocket.

The night was coming to an end and so were the food and drinks. It was time to make the trek to the car park beyond the shuttle bus trip.  There were hordes of disappointed Aussie supporters milling round and a smaller but elated Kiwi mob.   Finally made it back to out vehicle and headed to our upmarket hotel and engaged in an exciting event of our own which was predicted to be just as spectacular as the game we had just experienced.

Having funI may not sing too well but I’d like to share a few of my favorite things.


While most would see this as another task, I like to look at it as an adventure.  It’s all about assuming the role of the hunter you see. First you find the target and then it’s all about the planning.

Take D.F.O. (Direct Factory Outlet) as an example, I arranged a few hours there for my exhibition recently. Part of the campaign was to carefully select a friend to accompany me, (actually he was there to carry my bags). Anyway, we hit the centre with precision, making sure we picked a day in the early week where crowds are at a minimum. We parked in just the right place alleviating any problem with fatigue and exiting when the mission was completed.

I’d done my homework and with swift, cutting edge maneuvers, wind my way through various retail establishments selecting the best bargains after memorizing all the catalogues the day before. To be honest my associate did have problems keeping up, but we got over that with some words of encouragement and a pit stop for a rest and refreshments. Then we were off to complete the last of our raids departing before the mad rush to exit. With all our operation successfully completed and a spring in our step head out of Homebush with our prize booty.


Who wants to go to the movies with the plebs when you can go in style? Ooooh yes Gold Class! thank you Greater Union for presenting this decadent pleasure.

A different associate came this time and why not? Someone’s got to pay 🙂
Just as long as he stops gas-bagging for five minutes so I can watch the movie that is.

Starting off with a glass of dry white, I look forward to the couple of courses of tasty treats that comes my way in fully customizable intervals throughout the movie.

They really make you feel like you’re a V.I.P. There’s the ambient mood lighting and relaxing atmosphere on arrival.  Your booking can easily be made online and I always enjoy the queue free special entry. A friendly attendant ensures you are personally greeted and taken to your seats. The seats are unbelievably comfortable and there are plenty of gadgets to play with including the fancy footrests and the shared tray table. It’s just like being home – but better. You’ve got the latest movies, a progressed surround sound and huge screen.
If you’re going the cinema, I reckon its well worth it to pay a little more and step up a class.

Shows, theatre and entertainment

If you really want a memorable night, why not spoil yourself at one of Sydney’s many entertainment venues. There’s something for every taste from opera, to musicals and live music.

Lately I’ve been going to a few stage shows and quite a bit of live music. Admittedly, pogoing in the mosh-pit is somewhat of a distant memory for me and these days I tend to gravitate toward the dinner and show kind of vibe.

This week I saw Mark Seymour from the Hunters and Collectors at the Basement.
Mark Seymour is one of Australia’s’ best singers and song writers. The beautiful “Throw Your Arms Around Me” is in my opinion, probably one of the most iconic Australian love songs ever written.

The Basement itself is a popular and lively venue, it does get pretty crowded however and I recommend taking the dinner show option for your best viewing vantage point.

Dinner and overnight Stays

This is one of my very favorite activities and I’m very lucky that I have many clients who also enjoy the combination of a fine dining experience and an overnight stay at some of Sydney’s lovely hotels.

My last experience of fine dining was at the 2009 restaurant of the year Bilson’s. Bilson’s is located on the ground floor of the Radisson Hotel.

The Radisson does a package of accommodation, dinner, late checkout and also includes a bottle of Moet champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries on arrival. The suite itself is spacious; the bed very comfortable and best of all there’s a bath that’s big enough for two.

The food at Bilson’s is just superb and the waiter service outstanding.
Each beautifully presented course is explained to you by your waiter. The staff delivers exactly the right mix of attentiveness without being in anyway intrusive. Because the food is so awesome and the experience so world class my companion and I had some fun conversation (playing amateur master chefs) about the various ingredients and the exploding flavours on our palates.

After some carefully selected wine to compliment each course, I was feeling a touch happy and luckily the suite tour just happened to be upstairs. Nice and convenient (wink). I was feeling in a very joyous mood if you know what I mean, so the next few hours were very satisfying.

Given five hours sleep appreciation, I feel the stirring passion of the moment and served my own version of a full breakfast.