When you think of Sydney’s Luna Park you tend to think of merry-go-rounds and scary rides but I had the pleasure of seeing one of Australias best home-grown talent last weekend. Mr Communication whisked me away once again, this time to see John Farnham at The Big Top. The evening started off with dinner at a Thairiffic at McMahons Point, which happened to live up to it’s name, especially with being open on a Public Holiday.

Getting back to Whispering Jack, we arrived in time to see his special guest in country sensation Melinda Schneider. I must confess not to be an enormous country music fan, so I was surprised that I enjoyed her performance so much. While Melinda Schneider mostly performs her own original material, she also does some tremendous covers of Doris Day, she even looks a little like her. Perhaps a trip to Tamworth with a special friend to the music festival could be on the cards…who knows?

Finally the lights dimmed and we had the pleasure of a tremedous Aussie talent stepping on to the stage and boy did he belt out some great numbers – 61 years old and geez what a vocalist! The band (many of whom have performed with JF for years and years) were polished professionals as were the back up singers.

All time great Australian pop songs such as Pressure Down, Age of Reason, Touch of Paradise and You’re the Voice were crowd pleasers. In the song “You’re The Voice” there was a brief appearance by four kilted fellows playing the bag pipes… nothing like a Scotsman to get you excited I say.

The crowd loved John so much that throughout the night people were running down and shaking his hand, some with panties and bras in hand. Maybe if I had have been wearing some I could have participated too – but that’s another story.

It was a wonderful evening and the final song was a surprise choice but what an excellent a version of the ACDC hit “It’s a Long way”- boy was that a cracker!

Thanks to Mr C for another terrific evening. I saw Richard Wilkins, and a couple of promoters make an early exit before the mad crush and the lady in the next aisle seemed to be having a wild time as she kept falling over while dancing …whatever she was on made for some unexpected extra sideline entertainment. All that was left to do was fight through the crowd get into the car and head to the Hilton for some rock and rolling of my own.

It’s times like this that you really appreciate the talent that Australia has to offer and how lucky I have been to experience it once more.