One of the fun things about working as a professional escort is getting around and sampling some of the culture of the country. Now, I do love a good show but I took a leap into the unknown with this latest piece. The plot is centred around the events that occurred before the well known “The Wizard of Oz” story. More about the show later but as usual my blog is all about useful facts and information.

The show is based at Sydneys’ beautiful Capitol Theatre, in Campbell St, Chinatown. The best option for parking I’ve found for shows at this venue is in the Goulburn St, Parking Station, (short 5 mins walk away) and it’s a good idea to wait till 6pm when the rate reduces to a $15 flat rate (more money to spend on martinis :)) There is a closer parking station but it becomes a bottle neck as people enter and exit onto George St, so best avoided.

Another great idea is to dine a few doors down from the theatre, that way you can spend longer enjoying your meal. Additionally the staff realise you are going to the show so the food is prepared and served fairly quickly. My companion on this occasion was Mr Useful and we chose a lovely Thai restaurant a couple of doors down from the Capitol. I have a deep fondness for Thai food and culture and while the food was somewhat westernised for the show audience the ambience in this place was pretty good. I was delighted when we were shown to our seat by a flamboyant lady boy who drew astonished glances from the mostly conservative show crowd.

Since we were eating seafood, I chose a New Zealand Savignon Blanc (hey can’t knock a girl for having good taste) and Mr Useful being agreeable indulged in a few glasses himself. The bell rang and we knew that either there was a boxing tournament about to commence or that this was an alert to get to our seats in the theatre.

As we entered the glorious theatre, you couldn’t help but wonder about the memories and stories of the illustrious gentle folk who had entered these premises in years gone by. Additionally, I tried not to be distracted by all the nude male statues that adorn the main area – visually the theatre is gorgeous. This was the dress rehearsal show so we were privileged to be the first in town to view this performance and as an added bonus we were moved seven rows close to the stage. I guess Mr Useful was working his own spells.

As to the show itself, I was not sure what to expect in terms of the plot and I was not disappointed, it’s very entertaining. There are two female leads and your sympathies are mostly geared to be placed with the green Wicked witch of the West character. I did however, really like the Glinda good witch- white character, especially when she sang about popularity – took me back to high school.
The special effects, costumes and singing made this a really memorable occasion and really there’s nothing like a lovely dinner and a live show to start your weekend. Special mention for the live orchestra that were brilliant and enhanced the dramatic element of the performance.

After the curtains drew to a close for the final time we headed back to the car with some fantastic memories of a wonderful night. I was starting to feel a little WiCKED myself and we made a detour to one of Sydneys’ finer hotels and concluded the evening with a little magic of our very own.