disco2It’s been a few years since the last Hookers and Stripper ball was held in Sydney.

When the ball was announced and it was to be a fancy dress event, with a DJ and live performances from various talented people and held just down the road from KTE, well nothing was going to stop me from going. Nonetheless it was always going to be a bit of a challenge, getting organised and getting there – there was not a lot of lead time from the ball being publicly promoted and held. Additionally I have been really busy lately, juggling my two enterprises, family and an active social life. The timing was also punishing, being held just the day after all the festivities of the Melbourne Cup but still a great turn up of around 100 people showed their fabulous selves.

Fancy dress parties always have huge appeal, they are especially fun when met by an adult audience.

morticiaWith it being Halloween just last week, the theme was spooky and it was announced there would be a prize for the best dressed. My competitive side was engaged immediately at such frolics. With a view to win, I dragged a supporter, Mr Fun off to ACE costume hire. With a bit of help from the staff we decided to dress up as a vampire and vampiress. I got to be a sexy and not evil looking vampiress. My hair was a giant boufant blonde beehive so I looked like Dusty Springfield in drag. For an extra edge, I employed the services of a professional makeup artist who reworked our faces into spooky fantasy characters. My makeup was an exaggerated smokey eye with enormous eyelashes, shaped cheekbones and a nude mouth. Very sixties. Mr Fun was made up into an evil vampire with a pale face base with exaggerated bat-wing eyes and a half mouth of blood red lipstick representing remnants of his last meal. We both looked the part and I was satisfied with the effort.

The venue was decked out appropriately to the theme (including shorts of horror movies from the 50’s and 60’s) and the DJ played a well constructed set for the audience and the evening. The event organisers and performers were friendly and we knew we were in for a great night.

inline-madame-lashThe first performance of the evening was by Madame Lash www.madamelash.com.au who basically gave us a lowdown of her head spinningly full and colourful life. She is described by notable persons as a living treasure, I’d go along with that. Madame Lash had us all captivated from her first word to her last, from her early experiences as an art model, then Kings Cross Stripper, career stripper, going into politics, the parties she holds, her painting and creative pursuits. I was completely enraptured – could have listened all evening. It was a real honour to meet M.L. later, this beautiful woman is just amazing.

The other entertainment of the evening were terrific too. Highlights for me were the performer with the hoola hoop, very rhythmic and amazing body control, Vashneys’ creative spoof on the German authoritarian woman and Skyes’ performance.
Sadly for myself and perhaps Mr Fun, we didn’t win best costume, that pleasure was bestowed on a sequined body-suited leather-man.
Ah well, there’s always next year.

All too soon the performances were over and we were dancing. There were some wonderful women on the dance floor, and also a very hot young male worker in budgie smugglers with some kind of adornment hanging off them (I didn’t like to stare), who was also a terrific mover. Now, regular readers of the blog will know that I really do prefer more mature men but I certainly enjoyed dancing with this young hottie, given the occasion.

The evening was winding up but a random after party was announced at the Sly Fox. A hardcore of H and S ball revelers relaunched their eye-catching selves at the Enmore venue. I joined in till 2am but unfortunately I had to get up for an appointment a scant few hours later so very reluctantly tore myself away, having had a great time.

Can’t wait till the next ball!