It was a wet, wintery night in Sydney and time to see a good movie

Mr Movie Buff arranged to pick me up from KTs Haymarket headquarters and we headed off to see the Great Gatsby Goldclass style.

Arriving in the ambience of the Goldclass lounge makes for a relaxed indulgent experience. The mood lighting and comfy seats, delicious food and drink menus tempt your senses alright. It might just be that you find that you just have to order yourself a cocktail. This time it was a Midori Splice for me and a light beer for Mr M.B.

After selecting a delicious two course meal that would be delivered throughout the show to our table we headed for our seats. If you are going to sit around for 142 mins you might as well be very comfortable and that we were, in these spacious arm chairs that come with footrests pointed to the ceiling and I prepared myself for a fun night.

If you are driven by visual beauty (as I am) Baz Luhrmann didn’t disappoint with his cinematic vision of a story told with exquisitely breathtaking scenery, amazing costumes and a creative music score.

The first course had arrived which was a section of seafood on a platter to share accompanying our glass of white wine.

The musical score was kind of interesting, as with Moulin Rouge, it has slices of modern music to fit with a bygone era. It works really well.

I must admit though, I thought the storyline was a little thin but the acting made up for it.
I am a fan of Leonardo Dicaprio and he did an amazing job but I couldn’t help feeling that he did not live up to the original Gatsby -Robert Redford. Perhaps Leo was not old enough to play the part. In my view Leo lacked the suave maturity of a much more polished Redford.

Desert has arrived and a selection of delectable sweets such as sticky date pudding and I could not refuse although I realized my virtual personal trainer would not be happy.

In conclusion, I enjoyed my time with Mr Movie Buff and his cinema experience and decided to accompany him to his waterside apartment overnight to discuss the movie and take the opportunity for some roleplay acting of our own.

If you would like to enjoy your own cinema experience with Karen you don’t have to bother with ticketek just contact me or simply pick up the phone and read your lines out to Karen personally on 043 171 4069

It was time for a good outing and one of my oldest and very best supporters was entertaining me last night. He and I have a close relationship within the boundaries of how these arrangements run, so I knew it was going to be something special.

I was not disappointed.  This modern day spin of a French vaudeville circus is located in trendy Oxford at the Slide Lounge Nightclub. It turned out we had arrived a bit early so I suggested we go for a drink at the Midnight Shift, a gay bar located just up the street.

The Midnight Shift bar has been there for many years, certainly I remember going there a few times in the late 1980s as a young whippersnapper. It’s an iconic Oxford gay bar with a trendy bar staff and clientele to match. I guess my very vanilla, heterosexual supporter was a bit hesitant venturing in to this somewhat unknown territory but my sensual manner and delicious low cut outfit convinced him to enter this particular den.
While I could see he was a bit uncomfortable at first, it’s a really well laid out ambient place, with great service. We both enjoyed our drinks before we left for our big event.
Arriving at the Slide Lounge, the doorman greeted us dressed in a top hat and tails with a cheeky French accent and a French themed hostess escorted us to our table . What a cosy room! Opulent chandeliers, themed lighting and an awesome music score doing Oxford Street night-time entertainment proud and that helped set up the night for an unforgettable experience.

We started our circus adventure with a Slider cocktail and a Cosmopolitan.
Out came the MC Verushka Darling a 6ft drag queen that had legs up to her armpits, mmm leg envy, bah! She introduced each of the seven courses of food with a stage act in between.

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What spectacular entertainment! The acts ranged from acrobats and jugglers to fire eaters lying on beds of nails, not to mention the sexy exotic dancers. All up the show is a really erotic affair and my eyes and ears were popping with the stimulus. I was feeling very flushed but just managed to compose myself – somehow.
The atmosphere, lights and stage effects were brilliant and the show was a very slick run operation. Outstanding! If you are going for the show you will be delighted.

As for the Autumn menu, I think in trying to be so unique it lost the plot a little. Some examples of the dishes were a goat cheese ice cream and a balloon that holds the aroma of popcorn ;-O  as well as a  latex glove issued to use to eat mushroom pie, off beat? YES! To be very honest, we would have been happier with just three courses of more conventional food.

All up if you want a night with a difference I can highly recommend this experience.

My wonderful supporter decided to take me back to his circus tent and practice some acrobatic moves of his own, Ha! Another great night!

To enjoy your own special night with a difference you can contact me and we can arrange your own fantastic experience.

Ahhg, this turns out to be a retrospective blog. Anyway I hope you had a Happy and Safe Easter. This year I was invited to accompany “The Country Gentleman” to the Easter Show and also spend a couple of days together. TCG and I have known each other for 15 years now and we have formed a pretty comfortable understanding of each others needs. So, yeah, it’s a good relationship with one of my oldest and loyalist supporters. Anyway, I’m a bit of a Town Mouse, I have always lived and worked in the city apart from six months in far north Queensland. This was a time when I clearly took leave of all my well honed urban senses and lived and worked up in the beautiful and *sigh* VERY remote Lizard Island.

I’ve been to the Easter Show loads of times but I was really looking forward to having someone with a country background as a guide for company. TCG is a bit of a posh character, he is also a rooster sign in the Chinese Zodiac and a Leo Sign in the Western Zodiac, all good fun with me!

So it was decided we spend most of the day looking around the animal exhibits and in the evening have dinner at the Members Stand. We started off at the dog obedience and that was pretty fun with different breeds of dogs running relays. We booked our window table at the members stand for dinner and caught the extreme motorbike rider trickers while we were there, that was pretty exciting. A fair bit of a practice and talent with all the funky manoevers those boys manage.
We spent a bit of time in the poultry exhibit, checking out the ducks, the homing pigeons, the batum hens, the rooster, the geese and in all the excitement a couple of chickens even laid eggs. Mmmm, ok.
We had a look at the sheep and I was impressed with the enormous appartus modelled by the rams. TCG mentioned that they can mate with 150 ewes a month. Wow *eye boggle* (check out the photo) TCG knows all about this kind of thing, lol.
We enjoyed a drink at the Cattlemans Bar this is where I observed the costume country people like to wear. So the men like to wear cotton blue and white striped shirts OR check shirts sometimes with hats and good walking shoes or boots. The ladies don’t seem to mind to wear check shirts either. There sure is a definative look about country people stylin.

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We watched the bulls and the fancy paces set by the Australian Stock Horses. We spent a bit of time at the Woodchopping. I had a bit of trouble picking winners there though, as some of the woodchoppers were under different handicaps. For the most part we were watching the under 21 woodchoppers whose proud dads were giving them encouragement from the sidelines often time competing themselves in different events.

We made our way to the the Members stand for dinner and watched the presentation by R.M.Williams to the champion Australian Stock Horses and riders. There were a group of preppy country youngsters near our table. They looked rather sweet I thought. We saw a rodeo and every one stood up at Dinner moving presentation of the Australian National Anthem by a female singer of the Australian Police Band.

What a wonderful easter! Thanks very much to TCG and we spent a couple of lovely nights together having a really relaxing and sensual time.

It had been with great anticipation and excitement that I looked forward to this show with ‘The Masseuse’ (TM) the other evening.

Now, I have been a fan of Olivia’s way back when she did mostly country music and TM who it turns out is the same fabulous age as me, (Gee, he must come from the year of the cat too)!

So, by now I’ve moved into my swanky new apartment in Haymarket which is my base for entertaining and the home of sensual experiences. I very much enjoy the company of TM so I’d been shopping for some sexy lingerie earlier to model for him later on in the evening.

I was the designated traffic monitor for the evening and we caught the bus for the short trip down to Circular Quay. It was a steamy rainy evening so I grabbed my accomplices hand and we braved the elements, ok so I’m a romantic at heart.

We made our way through the crowds (it was a humid night) and the rain at Circular Quay and on to an early dinner at The East. It was a good thing we arrived early too as we got the best table for comfort AND people watching. We knocked back a couple of drinks, a Blue Hawaii for me and a Bourbon for TM and some fantastically delicious Chinese food and chatted away. The pre-show crowds started to arrive and pack out the restaurant so we took our cue and left for a bit of a wander around the Opera House.

Looking around, it turned out it was quite a dressy affair and I was pleased I got a new frock for the occasion to go with the new sexy smalls and TM looked pretty sharp as usual.

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It is quite a curious arrangement they have organised at the Opera House with the entry though. So, they don’t allow the audience in until the show time, presumably to sell drinks, programs, t-shirts and Cd’s. As a result the crowds mount up and up and then there is this rather wretched and extremely unmusical ;-0 xylophone that warns you it’s time to enter, pretty quickly the xylophone gains pace and becomes almost this mono-tonal xylophone and all the while the frustrated mounted up crowds are trying to enter the auditorium (and get away from the dreadful din).

Anyway, we found our seats next to some Americans and we took a few pictures. Unfortunately they ask you not to photograph or video the performance at the Opera House so I obliged and don’t have so many to show you this time. The pre-show act had a stellar operatic voice and which really showcased the SSO and the Opera House.

And then it was time for Olivia, who was in fantastic form singing like an angel hit after hit of her magnificently successful career. There was A Little More Love, Magic, Xanadu, Suddenly, Summer Nights, You Are The One That I Want, Hopelessly Devoted To You. Sam, Jolene, Banks Of The Old Ohio, Please Mr Please, Have You Never Been Mellow, I Honestly Love You, If You Love Me (let me know), If Not For You, Let Me Be There.

What a voice! I loved every minute of it!

It was time to go and I am pretty sure I spotted Richard Wilkens again in the crush to leave. By now it was cold and raining outside and TM and I hurried home and quickly peeled off our wet clothes and I reckon we did a pretty awesome rendition of “physical” ourselves …lets get animal, animal…

It was a pretty happy adventure when ‘The Masseuse’ (TM) suggested that we take in the Jersey Boys show last weekend. The idea was that we go to the show before we head out for a meal and spend overnight together for the second time in a month. TM seemed perhaps a little shy to suggest going to the show because it has been playing for a while and thought I might have seen it already. He was right, I saw the show early last year when it first opened in Melbourne but I was very keen to see it again and I am so happy he made the suggestion. I suppose, Frankie Valli first appeared on my (oh my gosh i’m a fan –OMGIAF) radar when he had a few hits in the movie soundtrack “Grease”, I LOVE that movie –I must have seen it about 10,000 times!

There were a combination of factors why I wanted to see this show again, the main purpose of my trip to Melbourne was to meet some (working) ladies that I had come to know online. The ladies had organised a luncheon get together and I was so very excited to meet them, really great people — all of them. Unfortunately it must have been the hottest day in Victoria ever and the location for lunch was way, way, across town. Factor in flights, hotel check-ins and taxis including trying to find a taxi back to the Melbourne CBD, well seeing the Jersey Boys show kind of got a bit buried under conflicting priorities, I’m sorry to say.

As TM had arranged the tickets to the show, we decided that it would be a good idea if I upgrade our digs to an executive suite with club floor access so we would both feel all the benefits of being pampered and indulged. We arranged to meet a little earlier than normal so we could have showers and change before heading off to the Theatre Royal. TM had arranged great seats and we beat all the mad crowds in which was great, he did a terrific job of navigating us to the venue only a short walk from where we were staying. I’m glad he did as I’ve come to recognize, sadly that my navigational abilities are as good as my singing *jawdrop *sigh.

The actual Jersey Boys set is this caged, grid metal affair with a urban backdrop, it seemed to be a pretty good visual representation of a struggling New Jersey working class lifestyle wanting to breakout into something better.

We were guided through an introduction to the characters, their strengths and weaknesses and the formation of the band the Four Seasons. The great thing about this musical is the storyline is as strong as the songs. The string of hits is impressive, one after another like ‘Sherry’, ‘Walk Like a Man’, ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, ‘Ragdoll’, ‘Who Loves You’, ‘Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)’, ‘Let’s Hang On’, ‘Can’t Take My eyes Off You’, ‘My Eyes Adored You’ etc, etc. TM and I agreed the show, acting and songs delivery were really tight, probably as a result of delivering to a different audience night after night. I do think this was a better show than the one I saw in the early season in Melbourne. A nice touch at the end of the show the actors and singers fall away and only the band is left. It’s a really, really great band, I liked the horn section best. Ha!

TM and I wrapped up a terrific evening with dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Liverpool St, with TM in great spirits because his Rugby League team Manly Warringah had won the Grand Final and we celebrated with several courses of wonderful dessert in our swanky hotel room.

Oh what a night!

My Baby moves at midnight
Goes right on to the dawn
My woman takes me higher
My woman keeps me warm

You Should Be Dancing, Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack.
Songwriters: Gibb, Maurice;Gibb, Barry;Gibb, Robin; Gibb

I had a feeling this was not going to be an ordinary Saturday night. My overnight project included a stay at a very special hotel suite on the club floor, a lovely meal at
in Woolloomooloo, drinks at the hotel bar and then an overnight experience back at the penthouse.

I probably should start by saying that my new friend Mr Entertainment Industry Insider is a touch younger than me. He was quite forward about his preference in wanting to taste all the delights that a mare offers (yes that’s me).
To be honest I was quite hesitant and am not known for seeing a younger clientele but after some emailing back and forward, I was swayed by his easy charm and mature nature.

True to his word, we met at his love suite and after some get to know you time and a few drinks the night kicked off to a great start. We headed off to his choice of restaurant and while I hadn’t been to Otto’s before, I knew this particular area hosts some restaurants that specialise in fine dining. Otto’s came with a wonderful reputation and so I was looking forward to a fine time. We easily settled into our seats joining the the well heeled Lower North Shore and Eastern suburbs crowd. I did my usual sticky beak trick of scanning the group for someone famous (this will be no surprise to regular readers of the blog –like some 80% of the population, hell, honest enough to admit I’m shallow).

No expense was spared and Mr E.I.I. was a terrific host.

Otto’s has an extensive Italian menu and awesome wine list so with the combination of food wine (no, no song) and engaging conversation we headed back for what was to be a memorable night.

I have to say my new friend was quite the energetic type but of course, I have some sensational moves of my own.
Lets just say satisfaction was written all over his face the next morning. I’m not sure what happened over the next 24 hours but Mr.E.I.I. and I got together again a couple of days later so I must done something right. Perhaps I pressed the right buttons on the repeat function, what do you think? We had another fun Saturday night the next weekend at a special table at
and an even better hotel suite, so the whole experience even topped the first one.

I have to thank all the lovely people that were involved in this great project and especially the head of production for putting together quite a storyline and a first rate cast.

You gotta love show business. Ha!

When it comes to fine dining, I reckon everybody in their life should at least once experience a degustation menu at a ritzy restaurant. Put simply, a degustation menu is is a feast of many different courses that tempt, tease and test your palate. The food is perfectly matched with different varieties of wine that compliment the particular dish.

A degustation indulgence was our recent mission as Mr Equine Investor and I headed out to one of Sydney’s finest establishments, the Astral Restaurant at Sydney’s Star City Casino. And gee, what a treat lay ahead of me
Mr EI had arranged that we meet at his hotel (Sofitel) and after some interesting conversation we headed to the Astral restaurant, I must say he dressed very sharp.

We settled easily into our window seats overlooking the magnificent Sydney views. It seemed very fitting that we toast our new friendship and our evening with a fine glass of Krug champagne. After that no time was wasted with the first of many courses hitting our table quickly. The first was amuse–bouche or a lovely appetiser, then oysters accompanied by the first light white wine. As I said, the courses were coming out thick and fast, there was smoked salmon, scallops, pumpkin risotto and that was just entrée all with the accompanying complementing wine.

The conversation was easy, we shared interesting experiences from both our lives and I was feeling very relaxed. So much so, I suggested we take our shoes off and play some footsies, perhaps this was the wine talking but we both enjoyed some under table action.

By now I was holding Mr EI’s hand too, I suppose I was feeling very touchy feely with another Cancerian for company.
Well time for more courses, out came the aylesbury duck breast.
Next the angus beef with hollandaise, king mushrooms, miso seeded mustard & fois gras. By now the complementing wine was red, robust and full flavoured. I was pretty much in heaven (with the company, conversation and great food contributing to all the essential elements of a great evening).

The dessert was just exceptional, it was a mandarin sorbet, compressed segments, lemon balm & hibiscus jelly. The dessert was just the most toppermost of the poppermost of desserts. It was an awesome visual and oral sinsation. It arrived in a puff of smoke and had this crackling, popping sound when it hit your tongue. How erotic! It tasted incredible too. WoW, VERY SexXxy.

There was a cheese platter still to come but Mr EI had other ideas in mind so we headed to the taxi rank to h
ail one of Sydney’s best. It was pretty entertaining watching the different members of the public. The Casino crowd revelers were impatiently lingering at the taxi rank, chatting amongst themselves about their night that had just passed.
Both Mr EI and I were very full and feeling cheery.

As the sun warmed the day, we couldn’t imagine having breakfast after the feast of the previous night. We decided to skip on that and whip up a smorgasbord of our own. Needless to say we worked off most of the delicacies that the Astral had to offer.
A most memorable experience. I can only wonder where my friendly clients will take me next – who knows maybe an overseas adventure? Ha!