It was a wet, wintery night in Sydney and time to see a good movie

Mr Movie Buff arranged to pick me up from KTs Haymarket headquarters and we headed off to see the Great Gatsby Goldclass style.

Arriving in the ambience of the Goldclass lounge makes for a relaxed indulgent experience. The mood lighting and comfy seats, delicious food and drink menus tempt your senses alright. It might just be that you find that you just have to order yourself a cocktail. This time it was a Midori Splice for me and a light beer for Mr M.B.

After selecting a delicious two course meal that would be delivered throughout the show to our table we headed for our seats. If you are going to sit around for 142 mins you might as well be very comfortable and that we were, in these spacious arm chairs that come with footrests pointed to the ceiling and I prepared myself for a fun night.

If you are driven by visual beauty (as I am) Baz Luhrmann didn’t disappoint with his cinematic vision of a story told with exquisitely breathtaking scenery, amazing costumes and a creative music score.

The first course had arrived which was a section of seafood on a platter to share accompanying our glass of white wine.

The musical score was kind of interesting, as with Moulin Rouge, it has slices of modern music to fit with a bygone era. It works really well.

I must admit though, I thought the storyline was a little thin but the acting made up for it.
I am a fan of Leonardo Dicaprio and he did an amazing job but I couldn’t help feeling that he did not live up to the original Gatsby -Robert Redford. Perhaps Leo was not old enough to play the part. In my view Leo lacked the suave maturity of a much more polished Redford.

Desert has arrived and a selection of delectable sweets such as sticky date pudding and I could not refuse although I realized my virtual personal trainer would not be happy.

In conclusion, I enjoyed my time with Mr Movie Buff and his cinema experience and decided to accompany him to his waterside apartment overnight to discuss the movie and take the opportunity for some roleplay acting of our own.

If you would like to enjoy your own cinema experience with Karen you don’t have to bother with ticketek just contact me or simply pick up the phone and read your lines out to Karen personally on 043 171 4069

One of my very favourite things to do is go to arthouse cinema, so it was with much pleasure that I had a recent invitation from Mr Movie Buff. The plan was that we go to dinner, a movie and then share an overnight experience at his hotel (Marriott). Well, who was I to argue, after all these are three things I really enjoy – dining, viewing and relaxXxing.

One of the most scenic places in Sydney has got to be Circular Quay. There’s something very magical about the location, being right on the harbour and of course there’s Opera House, so why not take a stroll to the Dendy Movie theatre like we did and partake in a mystery movie.

But before we got to that, a delightful seafood meal was waiting for me. Unfortunatly by this stage the wind had picked but the romantic in me suggested we dine outside overlooking the glorious view anyway Thankfully there was a outdoor heater and Mr MB was so brave. (He must have been freezing but didn’t complain once, well perhaps once- but nicely). I did notice he had to lift his hoodie up to cover his head from the gale force wind chill factor sent directly from Antartica that prevailed upon our romantic evening.

It goes without say, I don’t think my future as a outdoor event organiser was gaining any momentum.

After a delicious but windy meal and with time still some time left, I directed my fellow diner to the Guylian Café where we had the most delicious pot of hot chocolate made from real chocolate. If you haven’t ever been, its the kind of place where they have their own specialist pastry chefs and the array of desserts is mindblowing. It was lucky in one way we had just finished dinner because the spread of deserts that surrounded us would have been extremely tempting under any other circumstances.

The time had come for the main feature (no, not that, that’s later …) the movie which was called the Ghost Writer and if I don’t say so myself was quite a thriller. It even starred Ewan McGregor – gawd, he was so good in Moulin Rouge.

Mr Movie Buff wasn’t living up to his name as he dozed off a few times, leaving me somewhat deflated but somehow I don’t think it was entirely my fault.

Well the thriller was over and we strolled back to our 5 star accommodation where I suggested we make an action flick of our own.

It didn’t take much to motivate the movie buff to put his directors hat on and call the shots.

What else is left to say here, but “ it’s a rap”