The last few months have been an interesting trip into the journey of renovations. There have been renovations I’ve organised before of course…. plenty of times. There was the granny flat extension back in 2002. Updates at Dulwich Hill in early 2008 including a full bath renovation and updates at Castlereagh St, Haymarket due to the over-tenanting problem at that apartment block before that one was sold in 2013.

This time it’s a full house update. I had commissioned a building and pest report back in August this year that revealed some rather bad news. I guess it is to be expected on a >100 year old house, perhaps though I underestimated the extent of the work that needs to be done

The report revealed anobium borer and termites in the floor/sub-floor back in August this year. On a domestic scale, it’s a large job. I am renovating the kitchen and bathroom (these appear to be last done on a budget back in 1979- truly ghastly). Have fixed the roof, new plumbing, sub floor ventilation, pest control and new floor boards. New bathroom and kitchenette for the granny flat. Painting, rendering. Quite a long list. Expecting the house repairs will run over till March 2018.  Essentially for now, I’m living on a building site but it sure will be nice to have a fixed up home. Why am I telling you this rather personal dull life stuff you may ask? Well, its rather all consuming for a few months. It might help someone else down track. It’s costly, messy and driving me a bit nuts.

Anyway, I thought I’d flick some renovation pictures up of the updates as they happen. Please free to make any comments or give advice. I’d be the first to admit I’m a rookie at arranging the scale of this sort of project and appreciate any feedback.

In the pictures below you can see the new window and doorway installation. Roof repairs. All the junk that’s coming out from the stripout that I have found Dave from airtasker an absolute godsend as he goes to the tip for me and dumps stuff regularly as it gets cleared. The hot water heater, so much smaller than the old Rheem and me trying to remain sane ha ha.

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