bigstockphoto_Lovely_Housewife_With_Scoop_1265970Everyone has a talent –  luckily I have a few.   Cooking up a storm is one of them.

Now, the term girlfriend experience (GFE) is bandied around the internet quite a bit.  In the sex industry it’s a very basic marketing term describing a certain presumed set of sexual  services.

Here’s the wikipedia definition:

“The “girlfriend experience” generally involves more personal interaction than a traditional call girl or escort offers. There is a focus on not just completing a sexual act, but also having more of an experience. Often sessions last longer and are “no rush,” which means the call girl spends the full advertised time rather than rushing out after a climax. Common activities usually offered by GFE escorts include kissing[2] and/or french kissingcuddling[2] and foreplay“.

Additional to the wiki concept, I like to think of a girlfriend experience as describing  a particular chemistry/energy that sets up a001 terrific sexual connection.  Basically my idea is to provide a wonderful environment and situation for my mate to just  feel comfortable and enjoy the unfolding  all round experience.

When I conjured up the idea of the perfect dinner date for my merry band of loyal followers I realised that I would have to raise the bar… so to speak.

I thought I would tell you about some of the great recipes I enjoy doing.


It’s a celebration so lets start with a delicacy.

Now it’s important to balance your input against your output he-he 😉 So my inner therapist tries to accomodate that in the menu.  I head out to the local seafood distributor to bag the freshest wares.

Usually I source Sydney rock oysters served natural and sometimes kilpatrick.  As every one knows oysters are tremendous source of protein and trace minerals.  Unfortunately however, some people do have shellfish allergies so also on the menu is a homemade sweet pumpkin soup with a dollop of sour cream or for my lovely ethnic friends tasty Haloumi Cheese grilled.


003A personal favourite is the Greek dish, Passtissio which is a combination of lasagne baked macaroni topped with a special bechamel sauce.

For something more traditional in winter how about a good British meal ? Ye olde Shepherd Pie. Hearty, tasty and filling.

Another favourite pasta dish is Linguine with prawns. Delicious and nutritious and as they say in Italy, Belissimo.

All meals are served with a fresh garden salad.


My world famous (ok *sigh*, so you might have heard it here first) decadent toblerone Chocolate Mousse with a flake.

A very special treat is Crème Brulee.  Now, I do have so many ideas for having some fun with this sweet temptation with its light toffee coating and the soft, spreadable, creamy centre,  but I’ ll leave it to your imagination.