There are lots of Jersey Boys but only one Frankie Vallie boasted a recent review of Frankies’ Australian Tour. The Masseuse (TM) invited me along to Frankies show at the Lyric Theatre the other night to see how true this statement was? It had been a show I had been looking forward to seeing for many months.

Anyway, the day arrived and after TM and I got ready we decided to test out Sydneys Light Rail system from my place to the Casino.  It had been a gorgeous sunny day that had changed to a bit overcast. I checked the weather report, Mmmm 70% chance of rain. Ah no worries, no need for a brolly or so I thought. We just made it around the corner to Campbell St Tram stop before the first pitter patters came raining down on our heads, threatening to wreck my blow dry. Bah!

Anyway the light rail was a treat. Fast and easy. we sailed past the Capitol Theatre, Cyrils Deli, Paddys Market, The Exhibition Centre and finally to the the Casino. We had a bit of time so we had dinner and a couple of drinks there before making our way to the Lyric Theatre.

TM and I decided the Frankie Valli audience tended to be an older crowd than we had seen last month at the Opera House. Again, we were asked not to take photos so I don’t have many to show you. Now Frankie is 77 years old, that is quite an age for a performer and we wondered what kind of show we would be seeing?  

The lights dimmed and the band took the stage.  Mmm impressive, an Australian six piece brass section. Ha! I LOVE horns! Two guatarists and a base player. One keyboardist who played other instruments and a drummer. Four backing singers and Frankie. Wow, this was going to be a great show with an rich sound.  Frankie himself is this tiny, frail, old guy but gee what a voice.  In the first couple of numbers, we wondered if he was lip synching because his style is he scarely opens his mouth but yet there is this incredibly powerful sound. In any case we saw him reach behind and play with his pick up a few times and we realised we were in fact seeing a live performance.

Frankie Belted out all his old hits and told a few jokes too. No doubt about it he is an engaging performer. Frankie recounted when Tom Jones is on stage he gets pelted with womens panties and this little old guy taking a forlorn glance around his own barren stage ha ha.  I would have like to have helped out but had at the last minute decided to go commando. Frankie then encouraged the audience to throw cash and credit cards and buy his cd sold outside in the foyer ha ha.

We were treated to quite a show “Walk Like A Man”, “Rag Doll”, “Grease”, “Sherry”, “December 1963”, “My Eyes Adored You” and the 1967 solo hit “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. It was a top performance by a real showman. Thanks to TM and we made our way back to Haymarket to once again thoroughly enjoy an intimate evenings entertainment.

In touch with the ground
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
Smell like I sound I’m lost in a crowd
And I’m hungry like the wolf
Straddle the line in discord and rhyme
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I’m hungry like the wolf

Duran Duran

Mr Groover invited me to take a trip down memory lane the other night to a time when I
was just a youngster and enjoying the sounds of the 80s and er, well *some* of the fashions of the time.

So, Duran Duran were back in town for a one off Sydney concert and I
was lucky enough to go.
The plan was to have a feast at the Nine Dragons restaurant an iconic China Town restaurant before heading down to the Sydney Entertainment Centre and that’s just what we did.

In order to avoid the crowds, we got to the Entertainment Centre early and caught the the support act. We were hoping for a great band or a top singer but it was a rather bizarre choice of opening act to support Duran Duran. Two DJs spinning vinyl donned the stage playing some funky mixes that became quite boring after ten minutes.

Mr Groover leaned over and reminded me of some of the way more fun activities we could have been doing instead of putting up with that dull *yawn, sigh & eye roll* duo.
Most of the details can be found here at just in case you’re unsure of what we were talking about :0)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway… to cut to the chase, finally Duran Duran appeared on stage and the old hits kept churning out mixed with some new tracks that were not too bad, I guess. I really enjoyed the commentary between songs that the various band members gave about their times in Sydney, they really connect well with their audience. So, it turns out that Duran Duran were the first act appearing at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. And they talked about going to various Sydney eighties venues like the Cauldron and the Manzel Room. I never got to those places myself, I suppose at the time, I preferred to hang out at slightly more cliquey places like The Hip Hop Club, Patches, The Exchange Hotel, Plastic Inevitable at the Playground, The Trade Union Hotel, The Site, The Taxi Club and Propaganda. There I am in the black and white shot (c/- young S the fantastic photography student) in the late eighties in Paddington, have a look at the hilarious alcohol prices.

The Duran Duran audience were a mixture of young trendies, wearing some 80s revivalist fashions, think net and neon colours (thankfully we didn’t spot any bubble skirts or shoulder pads) *cringe*, middle aged flunkies, not to mention a brigade of blue rinse senior citizens that came along for the fun of it.
The band are still in top form and the lead singer Simon Le Bons vocals were just as terrific as in the year 1981. I loved the show and the encore was a exciting finish with the band performing the eighties hits “Girls on Film” and Rio.
As the song Rio was winding down the concert, Mr Groover wanted some winding down himself at my inner city apartment.

I have just made a new addition to my working tools, a rather good new playstation. Mr Groover had made it known he wanted to be my very first special guest to try it out. We made a speedy exit and headed off to feel our way around my lovely new equipment and I am delighted to report to you it all works out splendidly.

It had been with great anticipation and excitement that I looked forward to this show with ‘The Masseuse’ (TM) the other evening.

Now, I have been a fan of Olivia’s way back when she did mostly country music and TM who it turns out is the same fabulous age as me, (Gee, he must come from the year of the cat too)!

So, by now I’ve moved into my swanky new apartment in Haymarket which is my base for entertaining and the home of sensual experiences. I very much enjoy the company of TM so I’d been shopping for some sexy lingerie earlier to model for him later on in the evening.

I was the designated traffic monitor for the evening and we caught the bus for the short trip down to Circular Quay. It was a steamy rainy evening so I grabbed my accomplices hand and we braved the elements, ok so I’m a romantic at heart.

We made our way through the crowds (it was a humid night) and the rain at Circular Quay and on to an early dinner at The East. It was a good thing we arrived early too as we got the best table for comfort AND people watching. We knocked back a couple of drinks, a Blue Hawaii for me and a Bourbon for TM and some fantastically delicious Chinese food and chatted away. The pre-show crowds started to arrive and pack out the restaurant so we took our cue and left for a bit of a wander around the Opera House.

Looking around, it turned out it was quite a dressy affair and I was pleased I got a new frock for the occasion to go with the new sexy smalls and TM looked pretty sharp as usual.

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It is quite a curious arrangement they have organised at the Opera House with the entry though. So, they don’t allow the audience in until the show time, presumably to sell drinks, programs, t-shirts and Cd’s. As a result the crowds mount up and up and then there is this rather wretched and extremely unmusical ;-0 xylophone that warns you it’s time to enter, pretty quickly the xylophone gains pace and becomes almost this mono-tonal xylophone and all the while the frustrated mounted up crowds are trying to enter the auditorium (and get away from the dreadful din).

Anyway, we found our seats next to some Americans and we took a few pictures. Unfortunately they ask you not to photograph or video the performance at the Opera House so I obliged and don’t have so many to show you this time. The pre-show act had a stellar operatic voice and which really showcased the SSO and the Opera House.

And then it was time for Olivia, who was in fantastic form singing like an angel hit after hit of her magnificently successful career. There was A Little More Love, Magic, Xanadu, Suddenly, Summer Nights, You Are The One That I Want, Hopelessly Devoted To You. Sam, Jolene, Banks Of The Old Ohio, Please Mr Please, Have You Never Been Mellow, I Honestly Love You, If You Love Me (let me know), If Not For You, Let Me Be There.

What a voice! I loved every minute of it!

It was time to go and I am pretty sure I spotted Richard Wilkens again in the crush to leave. By now it was cold and raining outside and TM and I hurried home and quickly peeled off our wet clothes and I reckon we did a pretty awesome rendition of “physical” ourselves …lets get animal, animal…

I suppose by now, I’ve been lucky enough to have been taken to many wonderful events including shows, concerts, corporate and sporting events. When he was alive, my dad was a big fan of watching test cricket, English Soccer and Tennis and I have always wanted to go to a live cricket game. And it’s always more way more fun when an event also come with a few bells and whistles (hell, might have mentioned I’m a tad shallow before –just like the other 99% of the population).

So, my time finally arrived the other night when Mr Sports-Fan-Extraordinaire invited me to a 20/20 game of cricket at ANZ stadium.
It was a pretty happy event because it also turned out Karen Thompson Enterprises was persuasive enough on this occasion to organise her way into a lovely catered box with an awesome view of the proceedings.

However, it’s probably also fair to say there is no glamour in parking in P4 and busing it with everyone else to the stadium but this this was a big game with a huge crowd of 56000, so well, you tend to find your transport options are rather limited.

The god of weather (whoever that is) was not very kind this night and the sky opened up with a downpour several times. My cricket education began as a very enthusiastic group of busy workers rushed out onto the field and quickly covered the wicket with massive and heavy looking tarpaulins so the ground wouldn’t get wet.
I was impressed at the organisation of these guys who worked very quickly and effectively in teams, getting the ground covered up. Unfortunately their services were required several times during the evening with the onset of patchy rain.

The refreshments started to arrive and a fine array of wonderful food came out and around. I particularly enjoyed the Chicken Tikka Masala, the food was mostly Indian themed and even though it didn’t really resemble the food I had tasted in Goa last month it was a decent nod at it.

Mr SFE helpfully explained the rules of the game along the way and before I knew it I was getting into the flow of things.

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The sounds of the Vintage Australian Super-group Sherbet belted out the cricket anthem “HOWZAT”. Mr SFE explained that the term actually meant when someone is caught out in Cricket the term HOWZAT is called as part of an appeal, and the referee makes a decision but usually ‘They are then out’! Mm-mm recently I encountered a very negative force, a liar, cheat, thief, and “it just isn’t Cricket”, mmmm, yup… “HOWZAT!”

At this stage the box was buzzing and this shortened form of the game was intense and very exciting. The Batsmen on both teams were just hitting the ball with everything they had and the competition was hotting up.
Perhaps Cricket Traditionalists would be shocked at this modern style of the game but it was fast paced and exciting. Adding to the energy when fours and sixes were hit was the loud music blaring around the stadium, bursts of fire and hot moves by the KFC dancers (appropriately Bollywooded out for when India scored).

Half time arrived as did a great fireworks show that added to atmosphere, however the rain made it quite smoggy for a few minutes there. By now I’d had a couple of glasses of wine and was feeling quite light headed and flirty and was very much enjoying the company of Mr SFE.

The best part of the game was the last few overs and India were desperate to catch the Aussie boys. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric and the Indian fans made the night fun and really memorable. I understand they take the sport of Cricket very seriously in India as every taxi driver I met over Christmas on finding out I was from Australia would want to talk about the Australian Cricket team. Ten minutes before the end of the game it became very clear that the Indian team just couldn’t beat the high score set by the Aussies.

Mr SFE winked and nudged me as he pulled out his Pullman suite key. Even though sport is his life he recognized that this part of the evening was reserved for some tandem intimate indoor athletics and we both quietly snuck out of the box and headed to the Pullman stadium, I mean hotel. Once again the rain pelted down and by the time we got to the hotel we were both drenched. It was a good excuse to get our clothes off very quickly. A great strategic move that one. Thanks to Mr SFE I learnt quite a few cricket terms that night.

I can’t wait until he takes me to my next sporting event and if it is a cricket match, well I’m practically now an expert.

Gaa! moving– so I’ve decided to move.
In fact, there’s lots been going on at KTE.

Mmmm here’s a lesson learnt, it seems it’s important to make oneself somewhat accessible to prospective clientele so after many months of renting hotels and serviced apartments for escort work I’m permanently moving to the city.

This is probably the most excellent decision I have made all year!

So, as every escort knows neighbours can be a bit of a problem when doing private sex work. Currently, I live in inner west surburbia where stickynose neigbours spend way more time outside their front door than inside of it. Most of my neighbours love to have people over and there is always a fair amount of foot traffic in common areas. Some of them have religious pics on their doors and I imagine someone like me offends their sensibilities as I flounce down the stairwell, all made up, perfumed and coiffed in 5 inch heels, tight low cut dress, wheeling an overnight bag, making men happy, working my own hours, leading an interesting life and generally having a great time.

Anyway so I’m going. This is what my lounge room looks like right now. Bah!

Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch and supported me while my advertising has been down, I suppose I’ve felt like I’ve been living in a self imposed exile a bit and it meant a lot to me that you made that effort.

And I’m very excited about the future!
In very early December I should be installed in my new place which is close to Central. It’s been about 13 years since I last lived in the city (Ultimo) and it will be great to enjoy that lifestyle once again.

I booked a fortnight trip to India at Xmas, it’s been 18 years since was last there and that was a two week backpacking holiday. This will be a very different adventure. I’ve never been to the west coast and can’t wait to see Mumbai and Goa.

Finally, I’ve just done new pictures and they should be up around the same time, that’s pretty exciting!

Move on up!

It was a pretty happy adventure when ‘The Masseuse’ (TM) suggested that we take in the Jersey Boys show last weekend. The idea was that we go to the show before we head out for a meal and spend overnight together for the second time in a month. TM seemed perhaps a little shy to suggest going to the show because it has been playing for a while and thought I might have seen it already. He was right, I saw the show early last year when it first opened in Melbourne but I was very keen to see it again and I am so happy he made the suggestion. I suppose, Frankie Valli first appeared on my (oh my gosh i’m a fan –OMGIAF) radar when he had a few hits in the movie soundtrack “Grease”, I LOVE that movie –I must have seen it about 10,000 times!

There were a combination of factors why I wanted to see this show again, the main purpose of my trip to Melbourne was to meet some (working) ladies that I had come to know online. The ladies had organised a luncheon get together and I was so very excited to meet them, really great people — all of them. Unfortunately it must have been the hottest day in Victoria ever and the location for lunch was way, way, across town. Factor in flights, hotel check-ins and taxis including trying to find a taxi back to the Melbourne CBD, well seeing the Jersey Boys show kind of got a bit buried under conflicting priorities, I’m sorry to say.

As TM had arranged the tickets to the show, we decided that it would be a good idea if I upgrade our digs to an executive suite with club floor access so we would both feel all the benefits of being pampered and indulged. We arranged to meet a little earlier than normal so we could have showers and change before heading off to the Theatre Royal. TM had arranged great seats and we beat all the mad crowds in which was great, he did a terrific job of navigating us to the venue only a short walk from where we were staying. I’m glad he did as I’ve come to recognize, sadly that my navigational abilities are as good as my singing *jawdrop *sigh.

The actual Jersey Boys set is this caged, grid metal affair with a urban backdrop, it seemed to be a pretty good visual representation of a struggling New Jersey working class lifestyle wanting to breakout into something better.

We were guided through an introduction to the characters, their strengths and weaknesses and the formation of the band the Four Seasons. The great thing about this musical is the storyline is as strong as the songs. The string of hits is impressive, one after another like ‘Sherry’, ‘Walk Like a Man’, ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, ‘Ragdoll’, ‘Who Loves You’, ‘Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)’, ‘Let’s Hang On’, ‘Can’t Take My eyes Off You’, ‘My Eyes Adored You’ etc, etc. TM and I agreed the show, acting and songs delivery were really tight, probably as a result of delivering to a different audience night after night. I do think this was a better show than the one I saw in the early season in Melbourne. A nice touch at the end of the show the actors and singers fall away and only the band is left. It’s a really, really great band, I liked the horn section best. Ha!

TM and I wrapped up a terrific evening with dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Liverpool St, with TM in great spirits because his Rugby League team Manly Warringah had won the Grand Final and we celebrated with several courses of wonderful dessert in our swanky hotel room.

Oh what a night!

My Baby moves at midnight
Goes right on to the dawn
My woman takes me higher
My woman keeps me warm

You Should Be Dancing, Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack.
Songwriters: Gibb, Maurice;Gibb, Barry;Gibb, Robin; Gibb

I had a feeling this was not going to be an ordinary Saturday night. My overnight project included a stay at a very special hotel suite on the club floor, a lovely meal at
in Woolloomooloo, drinks at the hotel bar and then an overnight experience back at the penthouse.

I probably should start by saying that my new friend Mr Entertainment Industry Insider is a touch younger than me. He was quite forward about his preference in wanting to taste all the delights that a mare offers (yes that’s me).
To be honest I was quite hesitant and am not known for seeing a younger clientele but after some emailing back and forward, I was swayed by his easy charm and mature nature.

True to his word, we met at his love suite and after some get to know you time and a few drinks the night kicked off to a great start. We headed off to his choice of restaurant and while I hadn’t been to Otto’s before, I knew this particular area hosts some restaurants that specialise in fine dining. Otto’s came with a wonderful reputation and so I was looking forward to a fine time. We easily settled into our seats joining the the well heeled Lower North Shore and Eastern suburbs crowd. I did my usual sticky beak trick of scanning the group for someone famous (this will be no surprise to regular readers of the blog –like some 80% of the population, hell, honest enough to admit I’m shallow).

No expense was spared and Mr E.I.I. was a terrific host.

Otto’s has an extensive Italian menu and awesome wine list so with the combination of food wine (no, no song) and engaging conversation we headed back for what was to be a memorable night.

I have to say my new friend was quite the energetic type but of course, I have some sensational moves of my own.
Lets just say satisfaction was written all over his face the next morning. I’m not sure what happened over the next 24 hours but Mr.E.I.I. and I got together again a couple of days later so I must done something right. Perhaps I pressed the right buttons on the repeat function, what do you think? We had another fun Saturday night the next weekend at a special table at
and an even better hotel suite, so the whole experience even topped the first one.

I have to thank all the lovely people that were involved in this great project and especially the head of production for putting together quite a storyline and a first rate cast.

You gotta love show business. Ha!

When you think of Sydney’s Luna Park you tend to think of merry-go-rounds and scary rides but I had the pleasure of seeing one of Australias best home-grown talent last weekend. Mr Communication whisked me away once again, this time to see John Farnham at The Big Top. The evening started off with dinner at a Thairiffic at McMahons Point, which happened to live up to it’s name, especially with being open on a Public Holiday.

Getting back to Whispering Jack, we arrived in time to see his special guest in country sensation Melinda Schneider. I must confess not to be an enormous country music fan, so I was surprised that I enjoyed her performance so much. While Melinda Schneider mostly performs her own original material, she also does some tremendous covers of Doris Day, she even looks a little like her. Perhaps a trip to Tamworth with a special friend to the music festival could be on the cards…who knows?

Finally the lights dimmed and we had the pleasure of a tremedous Aussie talent stepping on to the stage and boy did he belt out some great numbers – 61 years old and geez what a vocalist! The band (many of whom have performed with JF for years and years) were polished professionals as were the back up singers.

All time great Australian pop songs such as Pressure Down, Age of Reason, Touch of Paradise and You’re the Voice were crowd pleasers. In the song “You’re The Voice” there was a brief appearance by four kilted fellows playing the bag pipes… nothing like a Scotsman to get you excited I say.

The crowd loved John so much that throughout the night people were running down and shaking his hand, some with panties and bras in hand. Maybe if I had have been wearing some I could have participated too – but that’s another story.

It was a wonderful evening and the final song was a surprise choice but what an excellent a version of the ACDC hit “It’s a Long way”- boy was that a cracker!

Thanks to Mr C for another terrific evening. I saw Richard Wilkins, and a couple of promoters make an early exit before the mad crush and the lady in the next aisle seemed to be having a wild time as she kept falling over while dancing …whatever she was on made for some unexpected extra sideline entertainment. All that was left to do was fight through the crowd get into the car and head to the Hilton for some rock and rolling of my own.

It’s times like this that you really appreciate the talent that Australia has to offer and how lucky I have been to experience it once more.

I had the opportunity to go to a masquerade (masked) ball last Saturday night. It was a pretty exciting proposition that Mr Useful put to me. This corporate event was held at the historic Sydney Town Hall and would have various live theatre characters as well as a set three course dinner, speeches and entertainment by Sydney’s own “Enormous Horns”. We would then make our way to the Crown Plaza where he had arranged an upgraded suite for our very own live theatre later.

When the invitation was announced that it was to be formal costume I went into perfectionist panic mode. Ideally I would have liked us to dress up in 17th style costumes with professional costumes makeup and wigs but that would have took some major arrangements on my part. Unfortunatly, I was finding myself attending to a few different commitments and didn’t have the time to make it *my idea* happen. I sorted out some basic masques and we wore formal costume and as it turns out that was all that was required.

Arriving at the red carpet at the Sydney Town Hall was a glamorous affair. The photographers were decked out in retro blues brothers type gear with big flash cameras.

The inside of the Town Hall itself had been majically transformed from the church like pews that it’s usually set up with into a visual feast. It had a French circus type vibe with street performers in costumes and on stilts.

The props and the lighting were very imaginative and extremely well done.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We found our table and chatted with some of the guests as our drinks were served. There was a short presentation from the company thanking the marketing manager who was taking a position at another firm, he certainly did a awesome job putting the event together. Then the entree arrived, king prawns closely followed by the main, steak or chicken. More speeches and some fundraising for the the childrens burns unit. The irony of having to wear a mask through the experience of having a deforming burn highlighted.
There were a couple of glow bars set up at the venue serving a choice of Mojito or Cosmopolitan with donations being contributed to the burns unit. We bought a couple of cocktails at our table to help out.

All to soon it was the end of the evening and the Enormous Horns were playing their amazing and massive organs. They really are a very professional and slick outfit and do Sydney corporate events proud.

I think I enjoyed the Village People set the most. It takes a bit of front to come out topless in an Indian outfit Ha! =D Plus, I’m really looking forward to seeing the original Village People myself in a couple of weeks.

With the conclusion of the ball we made our way back to our five star accomodation and created a little fantasy of our own.

*This blogs’ music choice inspired by my friend werewolf@werewolf’s Lair.

One of my very favourite things to do is go to arthouse cinema, so it was with much pleasure that I had a recent invitation from Mr Movie Buff. The plan was that we go to dinner, a movie and then share an overnight experience at his hotel (Marriott). Well, who was I to argue, after all these are three things I really enjoy – dining, viewing and relaxXxing.

One of the most scenic places in Sydney has got to be Circular Quay. There’s something very magical about the location, being right on the harbour and of course there’s Opera House, so why not take a stroll to the Dendy Movie theatre like we did and partake in a mystery movie.

But before we got to that, a delightful seafood meal was waiting for me. Unfortunatly by this stage the wind had picked but the romantic in me suggested we dine outside overlooking the glorious view anyway Thankfully there was a outdoor heater and Mr MB was so brave. (He must have been freezing but didn’t complain once, well perhaps once- but nicely). I did notice he had to lift his hoodie up to cover his head from the gale force wind chill factor sent directly from Antartica that prevailed upon our romantic evening.

It goes without say, I don’t think my future as a outdoor event organiser was gaining any momentum.

After a delicious but windy meal and with time still some time left, I directed my fellow diner to the Guylian Café where we had the most delicious pot of hot chocolate made from real chocolate. If you haven’t ever been, its the kind of place where they have their own specialist pastry chefs and the array of desserts is mindblowing. It was lucky in one way we had just finished dinner because the spread of deserts that surrounded us would have been extremely tempting under any other circumstances.

The time had come for the main feature (no, not that, that’s later …) the movie which was called the Ghost Writer and if I don’t say so myself was quite a thriller. It even starred Ewan McGregor – gawd, he was so good in Moulin Rouge.

Mr Movie Buff wasn’t living up to his name as he dozed off a few times, leaving me somewhat deflated but somehow I don’t think it was entirely my fault.

Well the thriller was over and we strolled back to our 5 star accommodation where I suggested we make an action flick of our own.

It didn’t take much to motivate the movie buff to put his directors hat on and call the shots.

What else is left to say here, but “ it’s a rap”

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