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A wonderful night was spent with Ms Karen Thompson at the Mardi Gras and she kindly asked me to write a blog for her on the experience as a guest blogger. Initially I thought how could I but if you know Ms Karen Thompson, you realise she’s too sweet a person to refuse, and it was an honour to be asked. So, here is my blog on the event with Ms Karen Thompson.

The Idea

The Mardi Gras had always been an event I saw on television and over time it appeared on my “bucket list” to see in person. It looked a lot of fun and pizzazz to see with the elements of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival … so a MISS SEE! First task for me was to find someone to go with as this was something you shouldn’t go alone. Well that was not easy as I did not have a date to go with….no wait, that’s not true Ms Karen Thompson. The ideal person to go with – a regular goer to the Mardi Gras, wonderful company and someone I respected and got on well with, of course obvious! The hard part for me was to ask this lovely lady, I’m sure someone would have booked her that night. I politely worded an email to her asking her to accompany me to this event, and to look after me, really as I wasn’t sure how it would go and was experienced on what to do. The wait was really hard for her reply but YES the answer was YES….I was excited to have such beautiful company for an event like this would be memorable. I made all the necessary arrangements and waited for the time to arrive….Arghhh the long wait to see Ms Karen Thompson once again and the Mardi Gras!

Meeting Up

The arrangement was to meet early, Ms Karen Thompson was organising the chairs to sit on and tickets to the Diamond club, what a treat! She always thought of all the things to make the experience great for me and herself. A text arrived that she was running a bit late, but when she arrived, boy did Karen look awesome. She greeted me with a gentle kiss and I helped her with the chairs she had brought to my room, where we sat and talked about the plans to get a good spot and the directions to get there. Mid sentence, Karen stopped and leaned into me, my pulsed raced….a kiss on the lips, and then another, before I realised it we were kissing passionately. Without realising it my hand went to her bare leg, touching her sensitively, an “mmmm”  came from her mouth and she leaned back closing her eyes. Karen was enjoying this! I continued to touch her sensitively on the bare leg and arms, enjoying her look and pleasure. She sighed and leaned back in and the passionate kissing resumed, a slight pause….”I don’t think we’ll move from here”, Karen said with a knowing smile. Both of us dragged ourselves from the wonderful experience checking the time and realising it was time to head to the Mardi Gras. We gathered our things and the chairs Karen are brought and headed off.

Pre Mardi Gras

A quick 20 minute walk and seeing some interesting dressed people in outfits, we arrived at  Oxford Street, tad early for the parade but we opened up the chairs and sat down and observed the crowd passing by, and boy was it colourful. The people amazed me how they were so open and comfortable with themselves and unpretentious, really refreshing to see from my rather straight corporate lifestyle I led with the bravado and egos! I started to feel comfortable in this environment and was enjoying the party atmosphere. Karen checked her watch and decided to check whether the venue that she had kindly booked for us was letting in people. That left me alone to look after the things and continue observing people, a gentleman came next to me and stood there for a few minutes, I turned to him and he said “G’day” and said “G’day” back to him and jerk my head in acknowledge and turned back to my observation….wait a minute was that a pick up??? A looked again and the gentleman had moved on, nah maybe not. Karen then came back to say that the venue was opening so we packed up and headed there. We got some prime spots near the SBS stage and telecast and waited for the parade to commence.

Party Time

The representatives of the sponsors came down the street giving out Mardi Gras flags, Foam lights and …. and how embarrassing a handful of Sylk condoms in both our hands. I felt a little awkward, however Karen touched me on the arm and gave a little smile, she really knew how to relax a guy! The parade started with a rumble… Dikes on Bikes…. Wow loved the rumble of the Harley’s and seeing the ladies on the bikes in bra tops and some uh hum revealing tops. The crowd grew wild with cheering and lots of fanfare, it started to feel like a party, and the atmosphere started to get exciting. This was followed by the Guys on bikes, with some dare I say sexy outfits on them with butt cheeks showing…I was really starting to get relaxed.

A short wait than all the parade started to come past us with the First Nations, the indigenous group with cross dressers dressed in sequins outfits and outrageously colourful outfits. The colours were beautiful and really excited me as I love colour and spectacle…in fact I had forgotten would you believe! I was really getting into the atmosphere. From our vantage point we could see Magda Szubanski, Tom Ballard, Patrick Abboud and Faustina Agolley at the SBS covering the Mardi Gras and we wondered whether we would be on the coverage!! The 78’s then came past and the roar rose in the crowd when they came past, it really made me realise how the world had changed since then. It stirred emotions in me of what I would had thought at the time of LGBTI and my attitude. How I have changed in accepting them as they are, in spite of my religious beliefs but in line with my humanitarian, equality and fairness. The courage these people would have had at the time is amazing and now 38 years later, we are now talking about equality in marriage a barrier that is still remaining. I shed a tear thinking of the courage of these people and how proud they were waving and still supporting the Mardi Gras…admire them so much!!

The next float came past with a cross dressing as the head ornament on a boat with some beautiful dancers in blue. It was starting to feel like a party with the dancing in the parade and the lovely colour and flamboyance. The senses were getting overwhelmed with all the colour and action. Then I saw Ron Muncaster in a wonderful Aztec like customer, it was absolutely beautiful, he was not a young gentleman but it was wonderful to see him in the parade with his entourage. Teresa Kompara was next up, apparently a regular (as I found out from the SBS coverage – sorry I had to cheat to give you all the details J) wearing a wedding dress to symbolise that marriage is something that is what he is looking for still. The Sydney Irish Pirate queens were up next and wow I was so amazed at the wonderfully blue fabric, and the wonderful dancing sequences they exhibited. They danced beautifully and it was spectacular, a number of group broke away and they high fived us …. It was wonderful to see the interaction of the parade with the crowd. It made me feel so free and comfortable in this atmosphere of comradery, it was exciting! Oh la la, some of the ladies wore very little…and some were topless, surprisingly I didn’t feel embarrassed (as I’m pretty conservative) but it felt liberating and natural to see. I must say there was a lot of buff men, and topless women and it seemed a lot of the nice looking guys wore sexy shorts, had oiled bodies and tall!! I loved seeing this body beauty….and I’m not ashamed to say it LOL!

The Gayby Baby group came past it was wonderful to see the children and same sex parents together. I know in my kids school a lot of kids were mean to these kids, but at the end of the day the important thing is that these kids are like anyone else, they experience love from their parents and that’s important. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a hetro or gay family. The courage of the kids and parents to be public is something that tears me up with tears of happiness.. There was a great turn out by the NSW police, Ambulance, SES and the armed forces (Army, Navy and Air Force), all of these services still fighting for equality in their ranks but hopefully moving in the right direction. One of the many groups that impressed with their theatre, was a group with rainbow umbrellas the choreography was fantastic and the use of umbrellas brilliant. It reminded me of the famous Gene Kelly scene in “Dancing in the rain” and made me really happy, the party atmosphere was really growing in me and I realised I was dancing to the music from each float!! The crowd I was in and the people in the parade were touchy too! My butt was touched more than once and it felt weird as this doesn’t happen normally but strangely it didn’t seem out of place with the openness you felt all around you.
During the length of the parade Karen looked after me very well checking on me every 20 minutes or so to see if I was coping with a light touch on the arm or a whisper in the ear or a soft kiss on the cheek. She knew I disliked crowds and it was crowded. On a number of occasions, a gave her a hug, held her hand or a peck on the cheek. In between some of the floats we talked about the floats, I gathered her knowledge on some of the organisations. Karen as usual was the usual attentive hostess to me and ensured the comfort of me, and I respected her enjoyment of the Mardi Gras.

One of the sponsors float came past, ANZ and they were all dressed in wonderful costumes of an Egyptian theme, with they foam light rods all dancing. A lot of the support groups for diversity and LGBTI came past, making me realise how much support people needed in families, workplaces, getting work and coping with the mental trauma. It’s something you don’t realise as it’s still something that’s open but not openly talked about! The Reach Out float came out with a rainbow heart, followed a number of the Uni’s in Sydney. I loved the Facebook float with the rainbow thumbs up and the people with the rainbow flag following with the support of such a social network. I feel it’s important to have the social network support this and ensure that there is equality. One of the funniest floats, for me – not sure if it’s appropriate was the Gay & Lesbian Association of Doctor’s and Dentists that people dancing, with what looked like sperm… creative…J. It had some really tall sexy cross dressers wearing mini skirts, had me double taking whether they were girls or not.

The support in a number of floats for marriage was really strong and it was good to see, something that I have hope will happen soon. Satire was also in the parade with a Brownyn Bishop look alike dressed in a helicopter. The next few floats were surprising the Greens then followed by the Liberal group coming past, with a lot of boos from the crown that included a group of gay guys behind us. Really surprising to see the Libs after what the Abbott government did, being cynical I was wondering if this was a political statement to get votes. The Labour group surprisingly raised a roar and cheer, so they obviously have the support of the LGBTI community. Bill Shorten and Tania Plibersek were interviewed about a metre from us and I got a great shot of them!! Sport was the next theme with the NRL and AFL floats supporting. A Brazilian themed custom was next, that had beautiful costumes with lots of colour, and music that made me dance, I was really enjoying this experience more then I realised and expected. I gave Karen a hug, thanking her for sharing the experience with me, it was enlightening me and making me more aware of an important issue. I enjoyed sharing adventures with her and it made the dates with Karen more meaningful.

A lot more groups came past with the Lady boy superstars impressing with the elaborate costumes, followed by a lot of the Thai, Filipino and South Asian groups all with such beautiful costumes with colour. My eyes were loving the colour. The Qantas float was one of the last group of floats, but was followed by an amazing group with balloons as part of their costume with oranges, reds and yellows everywhere…love it! The Poof Doof float was a roman orgy with wonderful dancing and music. The last groups followed a Rio Carnival them and it was great to see the colour, music and fantasy of this festival. Christine McQueen was in also in the parade, looking magnificent with carefully placed hearts in ummm strategy place on her breasts. My eyes and senses were overwhelmed from all the music, colour, party atmosphere and a sense of freedom I haven’t experienced before….it was LIBERATING!!


The crowd disbanded quickly with Karen and I attempting to navigate through the crowds, her deft movements through the chaos was wonderful to admire, with me almost losing her a number of times. After 20 minutes we navigated out of the crowd and headed back, both of us hadn’t eaten and it was 10:30pm, so we looked around for a place to snack. It wasn’t until we reached the city that we came across somewhere to eat and grabbed take away to take back to our abode. Both of us were exhausted but in a wonderful mood from the music, colour and party atmosphere we had experienced. Karen and I arrived at the hotel an we settled down to eat, Karen’s feet were hurting from standing for 3 hours so I offered to give her a foot massage (something that she loved…remember that J) and this made her relaxed and comfortable. A quick shower and a change of clothes and we settled down for the night with Karen wearing my pyjama top….looking really sexy. The rest I leave to your imagination, as gentlemen don’t provide details of the encounters. All I can say, was that the night was one of the best things I had experienced in my long life and something I may considered coming regular for this spectacular event, well worth it and something everyone must see – the Mardi Gras that is ;-).

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One of the most fun events of the year in Sydney is the Mardi Gras parade. I’ve been a regular attendee now since the late 1980s. It is a little bit different every year, as the political and cultural messages shift and change over time and the floats become even more numerous and impressive. With movies like Pride coming out of England in the last year, it is fascinating to see how social and attitudes have shifted and changed within a lifetime.

The Sydney Mardi Gras is a very popular event and so it is a great idea to plan the best vantage points to see the show.

This year I was at the Sideshow which means there’s seating, toilets, a bar and food, ANZ was the corporate sponsor this year. ANZ have introduced the GAYTM in recent times in a bid to secure the queer dollar.

These days I am living in the city, so the travel involved a bus ride up to Central from Circular Quay, duck through the Devonshire tunnel and through to Chalmers St, onto a coach for paid tickets and up to Albion St, (avoiding the hill). All the while observing the colourful characters attempting to scale the challenging Albion St in a bedazzling array of wigs, sequins, feathers and fierce heels.

Unfortunately there was quite a wait to get in at the Sideshow but I wasn’t too worried really. Lately I have taken to bringing fold up directors chairs to these public parades and events which enables seating anywhere at the front on the fence line – a VERY good strategy!

After a while the parade began, Dykes on Bikes opened up, then Boys on Bikes, Indigenous Australians and the 1978ers bused by.

It was getting pretty exciting, I was standing next to six super hot gay men – this was an interesting experience in itself! Men in the parade would spot them and flirt with them and they did the same back. Kind of instant and predatory behaviour – all in good fun though.

There were so many highlights but I got a real kick out of seeing my exes solar powered Sunny Bin wheelie bin sound systems charging down the street – so perfect for events like this.

And stunning Christine McQueen unmistakeable and bewigged at the front with an Asian contingent of marchers.

And my gorgeous client Steven happily sailing by with Northcott, a very important representation in the march.

I LOVE Mardi Gras, so if you’d like to come with me next year and feel the Mardi Gras passion feel free to get in touch.

Mwah and air kisses.

Karen x


This was a pretty good party!

The party theme was from the Australian TV series Underbelly Razor.  Underbelly Razor depicted the real events of the the two rivalved vice queens (Tilly Devine a former prostitute  turned Madame coordinating Sydney’s Sex Trade and Kate Leigh a bootlegging honcho) and Sydney’s underbelly razor gangs. You can read more about it here at Wiki 🙂 

When Mr Useful told me about the party and that it was going to have a huge budget and the concept was going to be the “Underbelly” theme, well, I was pretty excited to go.  Afterall, as I’ve said before, I am a tad shallow and it was never going to be a huge stretch to dress up as a 1920s hooker, heh. Unfortunately, due to a family illness, I had only a few days to prepare for this one. It also clashed with a similar event in Sydney the Gangsters and Moles Ball so by the time I hit the costume hire shops they range of 1920s style clothing was pretty picked over.  Boo!  Anyway, there was still some stuff left and the helpful girl at ACE costume hire in Petersham assisted in coordinating a suitable outfit.  She explained to me my outfit was going to be more flapper than “Underbelly” call girl because the silks and fabrics of the era do not work well in a hire costume environment, they come back a bit wrecked looking and also that the TV show would have had a pretty good costume budget, not something most people are generally bothered investing in for a one night party. 
She also recommended thinking of a name for the character that you become. Naming a 1920s Ho alter-ego was always going to be fun.

Saturday night arrived and my character “Scarlett Love” was created. Mr Useful arrived to pick me up, he was looking pretty sharp dressed as a gangster/ hustler type crook and we met some of his friends for pre-party drinks and to share a taxi down to the Locomotive Workshop, Exhibition Centre at Eveleigh.  It was cool meeting Mr Us friends at their hotel all dressed up in 1920s costume, we all got a few sly glances from the more modernly attired guests.  I think we all enjoyed the attention.

Arriving at the party itself was a buzzy affair. Everyone had made an effort to dress up and the company had (given the party was held at the Locomotive workshop) organised props like 1920s cars that you could go and sit in and take photos etc. Drinks were flowing and everyone was chatting and getting happy, that was the cue for a 1920s policeman to enforce prohibition and we were all moved off to jail which doubled as the dining, dance and speeches area.

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By now I was enjoying myself very much. I was talking to Mr U, Mr Us friends and the lady seated next to me who worked in a high level position in Health. an extravagent three course dinner was served, there were speeches and entertainment by the 12 piece ‘Big Ol’ Bus Band’  and the “Darling Diamond Dolls Show”.

The fund raising part of the evening was for the E.J.Whitten Foundation who do a stellar job raising money for prostrate cancer which it seems unfortunately has over taken breast cancer in recent times in fatalities because men do not like to go to the doctor. So if you are reading this and you are male and over 40 or have any history of prostrate cancer in your family, please think about getting checked soon, it’s important. The lady sitting next to me who worked in health backed up the statistics with impressive factual knowledge and also mentioned that brain cancer is another one coming through because of people talking on mobile phones.

After the sexy floor show by the “Darling Diamond Dolls” I was feeling pretty frisky, and I encouraged Mr Useful up for a couple of dances before suggesting we slink off to try out “Scarlett Loves” skill set. Mr U had taken advantage of the companys hotel arrangement and we made our way back to the Mercure for a fun night of “underbelly” inspired passion. 

Ah, I had an excellent time, what a great night!

I suppose by now, I’ve been lucky enough to have been taken to many wonderful events including shows, concerts, corporate and sporting events. When he was alive, my dad was a big fan of watching test cricket, English Soccer and Tennis and I have always wanted to go to a live cricket game. And it’s always more way more fun when an event also come with a few bells and whistles (hell, might have mentioned I’m a tad shallow before –just like the other 99% of the population).

So, my time finally arrived the other night when Mr Sports-Fan-Extraordinaire invited me to a 20/20 game of cricket at ANZ stadium.
It was a pretty happy event because it also turned out Karen Thompson Enterprises was persuasive enough on this occasion to organise her way into a lovely catered box with an awesome view of the proceedings.

However, it’s probably also fair to say there is no glamour in parking in P4 and busing it with everyone else to the stadium but this this was a big game with a huge crowd of 56000, so well, you tend to find your transport options are rather limited.

The god of weather (whoever that is) was not very kind this night and the sky opened up with a downpour several times. My cricket education began as a very enthusiastic group of busy workers rushed out onto the field and quickly covered the wicket with massive and heavy looking tarpaulins so the ground wouldn’t get wet.
I was impressed at the organisation of these guys who worked very quickly and effectively in teams, getting the ground covered up. Unfortunately their services were required several times during the evening with the onset of patchy rain.

The refreshments started to arrive and a fine array of wonderful food came out and around. I particularly enjoyed the Chicken Tikka Masala, the food was mostly Indian themed and even though it didn’t really resemble the food I had tasted in Goa last month it was a decent nod at it.

Mr SFE helpfully explained the rules of the game along the way and before I knew it I was getting into the flow of things.

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The sounds of the Vintage Australian Super-group Sherbet belted out the cricket anthem “HOWZAT”. Mr SFE explained that the term actually meant when someone is caught out in Cricket the term HOWZAT is called as part of an appeal, and the referee makes a decision but usually ‘They are then out’! Mm-mm recently I encountered a very negative force, a liar, cheat, thief, and “it just isn’t Cricket”, mmmm, yup… “HOWZAT!”

At this stage the box was buzzing and this shortened form of the game was intense and very exciting. The Batsmen on both teams were just hitting the ball with everything they had and the competition was hotting up.
Perhaps Cricket Traditionalists would be shocked at this modern style of the game but it was fast paced and exciting. Adding to the energy when fours and sixes were hit was the loud music blaring around the stadium, bursts of fire and hot moves by the KFC dancers (appropriately Bollywooded out for when India scored).

Half time arrived as did a great fireworks show that added to atmosphere, however the rain made it quite smoggy for a few minutes there. By now I’d had a couple of glasses of wine and was feeling quite light headed and flirty and was very much enjoying the company of Mr SFE.

The best part of the game was the last few overs and India were desperate to catch the Aussie boys. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric and the Indian fans made the night fun and really memorable. I understand they take the sport of Cricket very seriously in India as every taxi driver I met over Christmas on finding out I was from Australia would want to talk about the Australian Cricket team. Ten minutes before the end of the game it became very clear that the Indian team just couldn’t beat the high score set by the Aussies.

Mr SFE winked and nudged me as he pulled out his Pullman suite key. Even though sport is his life he recognized that this part of the evening was reserved for some tandem intimate indoor athletics and we both quietly snuck out of the box and headed to the Pullman stadium, I mean hotel. Once again the rain pelted down and by the time we got to the hotel we were both drenched. It was a good excuse to get our clothes off very quickly. A great strategic move that one. Thanks to Mr SFE I learnt quite a few cricket terms that night.

I can’t wait until he takes me to my next sporting event and if it is a cricket match, well I’m practically now an expert.

I had the opportunity to go to a masquerade (masked) ball last Saturday night. It was a pretty exciting proposition that Mr Useful put to me. This corporate event was held at the historic Sydney Town Hall and would have various live theatre characters as well as a set three course dinner, speeches and entertainment by Sydney’s own “Enormous Horns”. We would then make our way to the Crown Plaza where he had arranged an upgraded suite for our very own live theatre later.

When the invitation was announced that it was to be formal costume I went into perfectionist panic mode. Ideally I would have liked us to dress up in 17th style costumes with professional costumes makeup and wigs but that would have took some major arrangements on my part. Unfortunatly, I was finding myself attending to a few different commitments and didn’t have the time to make it *my idea* happen. I sorted out some basic masques and we wore formal costume and as it turns out that was all that was required.

Arriving at the red carpet at the Sydney Town Hall was a glamorous affair. The photographers were decked out in retro blues brothers type gear with big flash cameras.

The inside of the Town Hall itself had been majically transformed from the church like pews that it’s usually set up with into a visual feast. It had a French circus type vibe with street performers in costumes and on stilts.

The props and the lighting were very imaginative and extremely well done.

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We found our table and chatted with some of the guests as our drinks were served. There was a short presentation from the company thanking the marketing manager who was taking a position at another firm, he certainly did a awesome job putting the event together. Then the entree arrived, king prawns closely followed by the main, steak or chicken. More speeches and some fundraising for the the childrens burns unit. The irony of having to wear a mask through the experience of having a deforming burn highlighted.
There were a couple of glow bars set up at the venue serving a choice of Mojito or Cosmopolitan with donations being contributed to the burns unit. We bought a couple of cocktails at our table to help out.

All to soon it was the end of the evening and the Enormous Horns were playing their amazing and massive organs. They really are a very professional and slick outfit and do Sydney corporate events proud.

I think I enjoyed the Village People set the most. It takes a bit of front to come out topless in an Indian outfit Ha! =D Plus, I’m really looking forward to seeing the original Village People myself in a couple of weeks.

With the conclusion of the ball we made our way back to our five star accomodation and created a little fantasy of our own.

*This blogs’ music choice inspired by my friend werewolf@werewolf’s Lair.