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Hello sexies! So good to feel the warm weather again. Yeah! Today is the December 1 and WOOT Summer is officially here!

A bit has been happening my end, so I moved my incall back to Dulwich Hill in March. I’ve moved a few times in the last three years but this time it’s the final stop. (I think…hopefully…LOL). Had a few adventures along the way and in the end I’ve decided that life is happiest when it’s simple.

I had a great trip to Hawaii back in June and came back from that experience wanting to make things.

The Festival of Sex Work is such a cool event, seems to be lots of stimulating forums they even have an art exhibition. CL9S4TeVEAA9f1i (2) I made a piece for it too, his name twitter tag is @elchesty and he looked like this. CL9T52GUkAEtfPh
The other Sex Worker gallery creations (pictured) were really great and offered an opportunity to think about the diversity of the community, expressed through art.
Very thought provoking and inspiring, open to the public when the FoSW is on so everyone can see and be as pepped up as I was.

And having been motivated by FoSW,  I have started another small business making natural products. It’s been a heap of joy and fun exploring the creative aspects of putting that together. I have had a few sales from that now so I am feeling actively encouraged.CUoQRuWU8AEcjqL.jpg

Next year, the majority of my time will be invested into making and marketing my natural products. I will have a new website for it and I really want to have a market stall eventually. CUZPwiWUkAABFWoI will still be doing SW but it will now be my second job rather than my first. CVFWan8VEAAXwQII’ll try to keep my photos updated on twitter so you can see how I am looking and what I am doing but I may not be as present on social media as I have been in the past. My regular clients know how I work anyway, bookings in advance through automated availability calendar on my website so nothings changed there at all, if you prefer send me a DM on twitter or email and I can book it in for you.

I will be doing a flyover trip to Antartica NYE so that’s very exciting and will spend a couple of weeks down in Tasmania and Melbourne in late January. I may add a couple more days on in Melbourne. It will be a sort of mixed holiday primarily to visit a great old girlfriend while I am in Tasmania. If you are keen to catch up hit me up.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my clients this year for your valued friendship, understanding and support. Your kindness really does create a series of positive ripples in ways we may never know.

And I would also like to thank the awesome Sex Worker community for your time, your inclusiveness and your support. It blows my mind how many diversely talented individuals make up the industry.

Have a great safe summer season.

Be kind to each other x

SexytaryHope you have had a fun, memorable and rewarding 2014!  Gee, once again the silly season is almost upon us.

If you are so inclined I am keen to celebrate with you and am available in Sydney till the 19th December outside of overnight bookings on :

4th Sydney

9th Canberra

11th Terrigal

15th Sydney

and a Xmas party on the 19th

I will then be on holidaze and back again on the 12th January. We are hoping my new website will be ready by the end of this week -at any rate it will be live before Xmas and very pleased about that.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my clients for their great company, support and business, sex workers for their awesome community support and generally wish all a very joyous and safe Christmas.

So I am getting all modern here at KTE and getting a new website built. It’ll be live before Xmas

It’s my 3rd website now. Embarrassingly enough *blush my first website played “year of the cat”! Playing music on your website was very much the thing back in um, 2008-9. Perhaps it’s a good idea to THINK before taking up fads lol!

Its kind of fun checking out the and seeing how things morph over time with technology changing etc.

I’m very excited about the new site, I’ll have some new useful features, like an availability calendar and will be able to manage more updates myself once I skill up on using the tools. After seven years and for only the second time I will also be increasing my rates from 1 January 2015 (will be grandfathering old rates for regular clients  whom have used my service and supported KTE twice within the last twelve months).

In the meantime, you can still contact me through the booking form, by email at and I’ve even embraced! SMS 043 171 4069.  Never a good idea to text a SW “u free now” or “what yr rates? Send a pic” though, unless you’d like a similarly moronic response lol.

Hope to see you soon.

Karen xx

It was a wet, wintery night in Sydney and time to see a good movie

Mr Movie Buff arranged to pick me up from KTs Haymarket headquarters and we headed off to see the Great Gatsby Goldclass style.

Arriving in the ambience of the Goldclass lounge makes for a relaxed indulgent experience. The mood lighting and comfy seats, delicious food and drink menus tempt your senses alright. It might just be that you find that you just have to order yourself a cocktail. This time it was a Midori Splice for me and a light beer for Mr M.B.

After selecting a delicious two course meal that would be delivered throughout the show to our table we headed for our seats. If you are going to sit around for 142 mins you might as well be very comfortable and that we were, in these spacious arm chairs that come with footrests pointed to the ceiling and I prepared myself for a fun night.

If you are driven by visual beauty (as I am) Baz Luhrmann didn’t disappoint with his cinematic vision of a story told with exquisitely breathtaking scenery, amazing costumes and a creative music score.

The first course had arrived which was a section of seafood on a platter to share accompanying our glass of white wine.

The musical score was kind of interesting, as with Moulin Rouge, it has slices of modern music to fit with a bygone era. It works really well.

I must admit though, I thought the storyline was a little thin but the acting made up for it.
I am a fan of Leonardo Dicaprio and he did an amazing job but I couldn’t help feeling that he did not live up to the original Gatsby -Robert Redford. Perhaps Leo was not old enough to play the part. In my view Leo lacked the suave maturity of a much more polished Redford.

Desert has arrived and a selection of delectable sweets such as sticky date pudding and I could not refuse although I realized my virtual personal trainer would not be happy.

In conclusion, I enjoyed my time with Mr Movie Buff and his cinema experience and decided to accompany him to his waterside apartment overnight to discuss the movie and take the opportunity for some roleplay acting of our own.

If you would like to enjoy your own cinema experience with Karen you don’t have to bother with ticketek just contact me or simply pick up the phone and read your lines out to Karen personally on 043 171 4069

It was time for a good outing and one of my oldest and very best supporters was entertaining me last night. He and I have a close relationship within the boundaries of how these arrangements run, so I knew it was going to be something special.

I was not disappointed.  This modern day spin of a French vaudeville circus is located in trendy Oxford at the Slide Lounge Nightclub. It turned out we had arrived a bit early so I suggested we go for a drink at the Midnight Shift, a gay bar located just up the street.

The Midnight Shift bar has been there for many years, certainly I remember going there a few times in the late 1980s as a young whippersnapper. It’s an iconic Oxford gay bar with a trendy bar staff and clientele to match. I guess my very vanilla, heterosexual supporter was a bit hesitant venturing in to this somewhat unknown territory but my sensual manner and delicious low cut outfit convinced him to enter this particular den.
While I could see he was a bit uncomfortable at first, it’s a really well laid out ambient place, with great service. We both enjoyed our drinks before we left for our big event.
Arriving at the Slide Lounge, the doorman greeted us dressed in a top hat and tails with a cheeky French accent and a French themed hostess escorted us to our table . What a cosy room! Opulent chandeliers, themed lighting and an awesome music score doing Oxford Street night-time entertainment proud and that helped set up the night for an unforgettable experience.

We started our circus adventure with a Slider cocktail and a Cosmopolitan.
Out came the MC Verushka Darling a 6ft drag queen that had legs up to her armpits, mmm leg envy, bah! She introduced each of the seven courses of food with a stage act in between.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What spectacular entertainment! The acts ranged from acrobats and jugglers to fire eaters lying on beds of nails, not to mention the sexy exotic dancers. All up the show is a really erotic affair and my eyes and ears were popping with the stimulus. I was feeling very flushed but just managed to compose myself – somehow.
The atmosphere, lights and stage effects were brilliant and the show was a very slick run operation. Outstanding! If you are going for the show you will be delighted.

As for the Autumn menu, I think in trying to be so unique it lost the plot a little. Some examples of the dishes were a goat cheese ice cream and a balloon that holds the aroma of popcorn ;-O  as well as a  latex glove issued to use to eat mushroom pie, off beat? YES! To be very honest, we would have been happier with just three courses of more conventional food.

All up if you want a night with a difference I can highly recommend this experience.

My wonderful supporter decided to take me back to his circus tent and practice some acrobatic moves of his own, Ha! Another great night!

To enjoy your own special night with a difference you can contact me and we can arrange your own fantastic experience.


Just like any other relationship the right sex worker for one person, is not always the right sex worker for another. One thing you should not compromise on is that your escort should have all the qualities you need. In my experience the client usually knows the right escort when they meet them (just like when you find the right partner in life) and is going to be comfortable to go ahead with a booking. I have an affinity with my clients, they should feel comfortable, and feel that I understand what they want. You need to feel very confident that your escort will do the best job and you need to feel safe in their hands. Once you have that feeling, you will know you are in the right place with the right escort giving you the best possible experience, hopefully me. Whether it be a massage, blow job, a full sexual experience or even company, it has to feel right.

This was supposed to be a another blog about the Mardi Gras and I had an excellent time as usual but time passed and I just didn’t get around to writing it. Sorry about that.

Anyway, lately I seem to have got myself a few fans and I can tell you that is SO much better than anonymous haters wheeling their own particular poisonous barrow of lies.

I LOVE fans, thanks for making yourself known to me, really appreciate hearing from you. YOU make me happy and you OWN SeXy xxo



Gaa! moving– so I’ve decided to move.
In fact, there’s lots been going on at KTE.

Mmmm here’s a lesson learnt, it seems it’s important to make oneself somewhat accessible to prospective clientele so after many months of renting hotels and serviced apartments for escort work I’m permanently moving to the city.

This is probably the most excellent decision I have made all year!

So, as every escort knows neighbours can be a bit of a problem when doing private sex work. Currently, I live in inner west surburbia where stickynose neigbours spend way more time outside their front door than inside of it. Most of my neighbours love to have people over and there is always a fair amount of foot traffic in common areas. Some of them have religious pics on their doors and I imagine someone like me offends their sensibilities as I flounce down the stairwell, all made up, perfumed and coiffed in 5 inch heels, tight low cut dress, wheeling an overnight bag, making men happy, working my own hours, leading an interesting life and generally having a great time.

Anyway so I’m going. This is what my lounge room looks like right now. Bah!

Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch and supported me while my advertising has been down, I suppose I’ve felt like I’ve been living in a self imposed exile a bit and it meant a lot to me that you made that effort.

And I’m very excited about the future!
In very early December I should be installed in my new place which is close to Central. It’s been about 13 years since I last lived in the city (Ultimo) and it will be great to enjoy that lifestyle once again.

I booked a fortnight trip to India at Xmas, it’s been 18 years since was last there and that was a two week backpacking holiday. This will be a very different adventure. I’ve never been to the west coast and can’t wait to see Mumbai and Goa.

Finally, I’ve just done new pictures and they should be up around the same time, that’s pretty exciting!

Move on up!

Last Saturday night in Sydney, we celebrated the 33rd annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. If you’ve never been, it is an enormous event, it has a fair day, a dance and several other events. The centre piece of the Mardi Gras is the parade. I am going to talk about the parade, comprised of around 135 floats which celebrate all the diversity available in the Gay and Lesbian community. Many people visit from overseas to be here. It brings millions of dollars into the Sydney economy. The Mardi Gras had humble beginnings as a march in 1978. My interest in Mardi Gras goes back many, many years. In my first job in the public service, I met a wonderful man “Paul”.

There were a few differences between us, I was a base grade clerical staff and Paul was the Officer In Charge. I was a teenager and he was in his early forties, I am straight and he was gay. Perhaps that is where our differences stopped. He lived in Dulwich Hill then and I live in Dulwich Hill now. It was the late eighties and we dressed outrageously and were fabulous, we both knew it so we got along famously. We liked all the same music and went to the same clubs. We were work colleagues who became personal friends. So it was heartbreaking when Paul was diagnosed with HIV + that became AIDS back in the late eighties. Not so much was known about it then. As he was a good public speaker with fairly high level job he did a bit of work talking about it on TV and media at the time. Paul was trialled on drugs like AZT but he didn’t know if he was getting the real drug or a placebo to treat his condition, it must have been a complete mind fuck. After he became to sick to work, I visited at him at home. I saw how his body visibally decombusted from the inside out. It was heartbreaking. The day he died I rang his phone but no one answered.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pauls’ wake was at the Mardi Gras work shop in 1990, celebrated by a group of his personal friends, he must have loved that. He gave me the poster you see in the picture, he is the guy in the orange veralls. Wow, that was what the Mardi Gras publicity looked like thirty years ago!

I always think of Paul at Mardi Gras. For a long time, I attended the Mardi Gras standing on a milk crate in Oxford St like everyone else. A few years ago I figured I could give something back to people like Paul who live with an illness but also the negative effects of discrimination, stigma and isolation.

The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation is a charitable organisation that helps to support people living with HIV +. It’s main fundraising event is the Glamorama area at the Mardi Gras. There are three areas at Glamorama, theres the Glamorama Stands, theres chairs down the front and there’s the Glamour Bar. I like the Glamour Bar best. I’ve been going for three years now, its full of warm wonderful people that are nice to you and you can have a drink and nibbles, there’s a DJ or entertainment and there’s clean toilets. This year, once again the MC was the amazing and totally FABULOUS Vanessa Wagner. Possessing a biting sense of humour and a sharp wit as well as being able to articulate another level of consciousness are the qualities that Vanessa has above others, as well, of course, as her obvious good looks.

There had been a late cancellation, my friend that was going with me has been sick and couldn’t make it, I absolutely understood the issue but I had to find another friend to take their place, luckily this was no problem.

My costume was very simple, a pair of Elton John Pink Flamingo glasses I picked up at Castro last year. This is them.

We prepared for the parade, Vanessa begins the commentary and we are taken through who are the real movers and shakers in the Gay and Lesbian community. As usual Dykes on Bikes lead, followed by the Boys on Bikes, then the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on Sedgeways :O) An amazing spectacle of colour, sound and visual stimulation unfolded, Special shout out to the Whores, ACON and Clover Moore, great food was coming around and the bar was close by. All too soon the 78ers the orginal crowd that marched bused by. I thought of Paul once again.

Every couple of years I take up a straight job. Five years ago I worked as a Census Collector. My job involved dropping off and picking up data. I often met gay and lesbian couples asking the question why their relationship was not legally recognised? Well, don’t know, that’s an interesting question for the policy makers isn’t it? The issue of the discrimitive wording on the form and the interest in same sex marriage certainly was reported back to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Say something!

Happy Mardi Gras.

Long time no blog and wishing you a happy and safe easter.

Decided to do a bit of a Karen Thompson roadshow “how good is that?” So, I am going for a little jaunt to America and New Zealand.

San Francisco 9 – 11 April 2010
Las Vegas 12 – 15 April 2010
Santa Monica 16 – 17 April 2010
Auckland 28 May – 2 June 2010

I will be offering a very special two hour minimum $700 Aud for these tours only.
Just to avoid any confusion, the rates and service do slightly deviate from my website details.

Got some fantastic upscale accomodation booked right in the CBD heart and am very excited about the trip(s).
So if you are in America or New Zealand and are thinking of seeing me drop me an email
or visit my website at

Bringing you a groovy kind of love! *arranges fingers in a peace sign*

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