In touch with the ground
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
Smell like I sound I’m lost in a crowd
And I’m hungry like the wolf
Straddle the line in discord and rhyme
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I’m hungry like the wolf

Duran Duran

Mr Groover invited me to take a trip down memory lane the other night to a time when I
was just a youngster and enjoying the sounds of the 80s and er, well *some* of the fashions of the time.

So, Duran Duran were back in town for a one off Sydney concert and I
was lucky enough to go.
The plan was to have a feast at the Nine Dragons restaurant an iconic China Town restaurant before heading down to the Sydney Entertainment Centre and that’s just what we did.

In order to avoid the crowds, we got to the Entertainment Centre early and caught the the support act. We were hoping for a great band or a top singer but it was a rather bizarre choice of opening act to support Duran Duran. Two DJs spinning vinyl donned the stage playing some funky mixes that became quite boring after ten minutes.

Mr Groover leaned over and reminded me of some of the way more fun activities we could have been doing instead of putting up with that dull *yawn, sigh & eye roll* duo.
Most of the details can be found here at just in case you’re unsure of what we were talking about :0)

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Anyway… to cut to the chase, finally Duran Duran appeared on stage and the old hits kept churning out mixed with some new tracks that were not too bad, I guess. I really enjoyed the commentary between songs that the various band members gave about their times in Sydney, they really connect well with their audience. So, it turns out that Duran Duran were the first act appearing at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. And they talked about going to various Sydney eighties venues like the Cauldron and the Manzel Room. I never got to those places myself, I suppose at the time, I preferred to hang out at slightly more cliquey places like The Hip Hop Club, Patches, The Exchange Hotel, Plastic Inevitable at the Playground, The Trade Union Hotel, The Site, The Taxi Club and Propaganda. There I am in the black and white shot (c/- young S the fantastic photography student) in the late eighties in Paddington, have a look at the hilarious alcohol prices.

The Duran Duran audience were a mixture of young trendies, wearing some 80s revivalist fashions, think net and neon colours (thankfully we didn’t spot any bubble skirts or shoulder pads) *cringe*, middle aged flunkies, not to mention a brigade of blue rinse senior citizens that came along for the fun of it.
The band are still in top form and the lead singer Simon Le Bons vocals were just as terrific as in the year 1981. I loved the show and the encore was a exciting finish with the band performing the eighties hits “Girls on Film” and Rio.
As the song Rio was winding down the concert, Mr Groover wanted some winding down himself at my inner city apartment.

I have just made a new addition to my working tools, a rather good new playstation. Mr Groover had made it known he wanted to be my very first special guest to try it out. We made a speedy exit and headed off to feel our way around my lovely new equipment and I am delighted to report to you it all works out splendidly.