Gaa! moving– so I’ve decided to move.
In fact, there’s lots been going on at KTE.

Mmmm here’s a lesson learnt, it seems it’s important to make oneself somewhat accessible to prospective clientele so after many months of renting hotels and serviced apartments for escort work I’m permanently moving to the city.

This is probably the most excellent decision I have made all year!

So, as every escort knows neighbours can be a bit of a problem when doing private sex work. Currently, I live in inner west surburbia where stickynose neigbours spend way more time outside their front door than inside of it. Most of my neighbours love to have people over and there is always a fair amount of foot traffic in common areas. Some of them have religious pics on their doors and I imagine someone like me offends their sensibilities as I flounce down the stairwell, all made up, perfumed and coiffed in 5 inch heels, tight low cut dress, wheeling an overnight bag, making men happy, working my own hours, leading an interesting life and generally having a great time.

Anyway so I’m going. This is what my lounge room looks like right now. Bah!

Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch and supported me while my advertising has been down, I suppose I’ve felt like I’ve been living in a self imposed exile a bit and it meant a lot to me that you made that effort.

And I’m very excited about the future!
In very early December I should be installed in my new place which is close to Central. It’s been about 13 years since I last lived in the city (Ultimo) and it will be great to enjoy that lifestyle once again.

I booked a fortnight trip to India at Xmas, it’s been 18 years since was last there and that was a two week backpacking holiday. This will be a very different adventure. I’ve never been to the west coast and can’t wait to see Mumbai and Goa.

Finally, I’ve just done new pictures and they should be up around the same time, that’s pretty exciting!

Move on up!